Service Description

SB Int Limited delivers custom branding and website solutions for business owners looking to build up their businesses online. Every solution is custom built for out customers and no two solutions are the same.


Refund Policy

The customer has full right to request a refund for the goods and services provided within 7 days of sale. However, as each solution we provide is custom built for each customer, should any work have commenced the customer waives his/her right to a full refund, and instead must opt for a prorated refund based on the work which has been undertaken.


Delivery Policy

Products delivered by SB Int Limited are digital products and access to them is delivered via email or other channels of digital communication. Typically we take 45 days to deliver. This depends on whether the client is able to get back to us quickly. The deliverable we’ll be giving will be the logo, website and mentoring.


Our standard pricing model is $8000 USD (Billed in GBP), if the client chooses to pay in payment installments, we’d be able to offer 2 monthly payments at $4200, or 3 monthly payments at $3300.

Payment Methods

We currently accept the follow payments:



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Transaction Currencies

The currencies that we will bill customers in will always be GBP. Any other currencies will be converted to GBP before being processed.


Company Registration Details

.Coach LLC
New Horizon Building
Ground Floor
3 1/2 Miles
Philip S.W.
Goldson Highway

Customer Service Contact

Sai Blackbyrn