The Webinar Run Through Of The Elite Coaches Mastermind

What’s In The Program

Information Package Introduction

What We’ll Do

Versatile Tutorial Videos

The content that is taught in our tutorial videos have been tested out 17 times in 17 different niches to check whether it holds up or not. The goal was to create a blueprint that anyone can use anywhere and anytime to create a successful coaching business.


You will learn the 12 step webinar funnel AND the Ultimate Facebook funnel which will help you get one-on-one clients. These funnels have been responsible for over $560,000 in coaching clients last year alone. Plus this section is being constantly updated for newer and better funnels.


This part is specifically made for beginners. You will be taught how to select a profitable and valuable niche. You will be taught how to package your program properly to best serve the interests of your niche.


We use a technique called “Transformational Selling” which converts the whole “selling process” that most coaches loathe into a coaching experience in itself. The aim is to teach you the art of selling without you coming across as sleazy salesmen.

Done For You Introduction

What We’ll Do

The Idea

We aim to place systems throughout your coaching business which will build things up FOR YOU. This is done so that you can can get as much as possible to pursue your dreams instead of worrying about trivial things.

Merge Tutorials and Done For You

Taking inspiration from the old iPhone ads, we aim to create a business which has a smooth and flawless integration of the hardware and software. A business that will have a strong back end which will support its front end.

Giving You The Keys

In this section I will hand you over my team. The same team that has made my business what it is today. I will be handing you the keys. All that you have to do is sit back and relax while they do their magic.

The High End Program Packages Template

What We’ll Do

Make Your Coaching Desirable

Your coaching business will be packaged in a way that will make it look super desirable to your clients. Here my team will help you determine the value of your coaching program and how to turn it into a well-received coaching service for your clients.

What Will My Team Do

Using various information gathered from you, they will conduct in-depth research into your niche. By utilizing various wordings, phrases and verbiage they will create Program Packages that are most congruent and well suited to your niche.

The ‘Go-Viral Logo’ Design

What We’ll Do

State-of-the-Art Design

When creating a logo, capturing the essence and personality of your coaching business is absolutely essential. Our designers are highly trained and experienced and they will come up with logo ideas which will best suits your vision.


Round Logos signify soft comfortable things, angular logos signify hard and sturdy things. Which shape will best complement what your coaching business has to offer? That is what our designers will analyze and take care of.

Scalable, Unique, Personalized Logo

Our goal is to create a logo which can be super versatile, something that you can use in any and all mediums. Which is why your logo will scale without any blurring, and blocky curves, it will look as perfect on a molecular scale as a magnificent scale.

Logo Style

One of the main goals of a logo is to make your brand as identifiable to a client as possible. The best way to do that is to make sure that your logo has optimal style which is congruent to your business.  To put as much as possible without overdoing is what our designers will do for you.


Nothing shows off the personality of your logo and, by extension, your brand as the colour of your logo. Did you know that each and every colour carries with a hidden subliminal message? Our designers will choose a colour combination that will best define you and your brand.

Finished Product

To bring all this together and to give you a compact design is what we aim to do. Our designers will provide you with a logo which will remain with you for the entirety of your coaching career. A logo that will be worthy enough to be the “poster boy” of your business.

The Experts Site

What We’ll Do

The Aim

To create a website which will position you as an expert in your niche. What’s the difference between an amateur’s website and a professional’s? A pro’s website creates trust and inspires confidence. That is what our designers will do to your site.

We Use The Latest Technology

To make sure that you don’t having any downtime whilst using your site we use cloud based servers. Using cloud based servers makes sure that your website is up and running regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

Regular Backups

Despite all this, if by any off chance something untoward does happen in the servers, we keep a full backup of your website every 2 weeks and your blog every 2 days and then save everything that we have in the aforementioned solid state drivers.

The Design

Our designers will create your website using HTML 5, the language that was used to create the Facebook webpage. The sites will be hand-coded and platform independent, meaning you can easily access the site on your laptop, mobiles, iPads wherever.


Your data is stored securely in solid state drives, the most secure hard drives in the world. It will be further protected by a 64-bit encryption which will prevent unauthorized access. Meaning your data, passwords and everything in it will not be saved in plain text.

IT Technician

What We’ll Do

Once a Week Expert Session

We will lend you our Chief Technological Officer for weekly sessions. They will train you on all the technology and innovations that you would need so that you can execute them all on your own. And if by any chance you are stuck on implementing something, the CTO will implement that FOR YOU (provided its included in the program we teach you).