Information Package Introduction


What We’ll Do

Versatile Tutorial Videos

The content that is taught in our tutorial videos have been tested out 17 times in 17 different niches to check whether it holds up or not. The goal was to create a blueprint that anyone can use anywhere and anytime to create a successful coaching business.


You will learn the 12 step webinar funnel AND the Ultimate Facebook funnel which will help you get one-on-one clients. These funnels have been responsible for over $560,000 in coaching clients last year alone. Plus this section is being constantly updated for newer and better funnels.


This part is specifically made for beginners. You will be taught how to select a profitable and valuable niche. You will be taught how to package your program properly to best serve the interests of your niche.


We use a technique called “Transformational Selling” which converts the whole “selling process” that most coaches loathe into a coaching experience in itself. The aim is to teach you the art of selling without you coming across as sleazy salesmen.