The Power Of Compounding Effort

What Is The Power Of Compounding?

Check it out:

I want to ask you a question… Before you click play. If you set a goal you want to achieve. Everyday you take one stewards it, at the end of the year, 365 days later. How many steps closer are you?

365? Think again, this is the power of compounding… Watch the video to find out


3 thoughts on “The Power Of Compounding Effort

  1. Hey Sai!
    Great posting. I commented already up there.
    I received the CD you sent for free home in Brazil #How To Turn Your Coaching Into An INspirational Business#
    Took 34 days to get here. heh Im having a look. Million thanks!

    I wish I were in your shoes, dating, travelling and full of possibilities and financially independent! Did you know you are living in one of the 10 most expensive cities in the world.

    I feel you and many other successful coaches are like me, energetic, full of ideas doing things but I cant seem to get THERE, where fullfilness and the money is!

    For some fu**g reason I keep being stuck. Next week wednesday is the launch of… I wish to do some sales at least to recover my finances. Been working on it for 4 months. But that I consider one step to get nearer my dream of living on Wellness coaching service


    1. Teo. This is a great question. So many people ‘try’ and try and try, and the success does not yet happen for them.

      The one thing I’ve learnt is to firstly: be smart, know where I’m messing up, and get guidance from people that know what they are doing to correct it.

      2ndly: Be RELENTLESS. Patience was something that I had a hard time learning (as does the WHOLE of humanity), but I define it as relentlessly going at your dreams and goals, EXPECTING the success to happen the very next day.

      BUT if it doesn’t, treat the next day as if the success is coming the day after.

      Keep on going. Yes people like me and HUNDREDS of others have achieved this lifestyle. And it is awesome, but I’ll never forget the relentlessness, the guidance and the patience it took to get her.

      If you believe your worth it. Then go out and keep at it till you get what your worth

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