The 80/20 Rule Which Runs All 6-Figure Coaching Business

Summary: Overwhelmed with the Information Overload? Just Do These 5 Things.

The other day I was talking to a very kind and authentic coach… with a small glitch in her business.

She was not coaching.

She was not getting enough clients – to put this mildly.

And then I discovered how much she was distracted and deluded by the bright shiny objects in the market.

It was painful to see her list of “things I needed to learn before I hit the jackpot.”

Landing pages, Blogging, Public Speaking, Youtube, Networking, SEO, WordPress…

Lead capture, email marketing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn… and other stuff.

To sum up she was chasing her tail online and had nothing to show for it.

Her system could crash anytime. She was falling into the rat race – AGAIN.

That’s not how you bring home the bacon… not by “learning” stuff.

Every hour (out of your productive time) you don’t coach or close clients, you lose money.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information they throw down the pike then STOP.

Stop doing everything and do a serious sit-down.

And go through these 5 points which will help you get back on track for a 6-figure coaching success.

1. Not All Coaching Niches Are Equal.

If you want to fish, you got to go the best fishing holes.

You could have the shiniest bait, the most expensive cast, you might be waking up and casting your hook at 4 AM…

… but if you’re sitting over an over-fished or dead spot, you’ll NEVER get anything to take home.

And don’t expect experienced anglers to divulge their trade secrets. Surely, they know what bait to use and when to use it… and a lot more…

But they won’t reveal them. They will probably mislead you.

So how do you discover if your coaching niche has the potential to make it big?

Simple, if other coaches in the niche are making it big plus you see demand then we are on the right fishing hole.

In some cases, you might need an expert to have a look (more in a moment).

2. Not All Coaching Clients Are Equal.

Most coaches lump their best clients with every uninterested lookie-loo.

See, not everyone’s going to hire you.

And even among your clients, there would be folks who can pay you big bucks.

According to the great marketer Dr. Glenn Livingston, 5% of your clients will bring 50% of the profits.

He called them hyper-responsives.

These are the clients who will need your high-ticket coaching, attend your mastermind events, buy your books, and stay long-term… even for decades.

And you need to know them like the back of your hands. Because they will propel you to the 6-figure levels and beyond fast.

3. Avoid “Fake News” Spewed By Gurus

This is HUGE.

Going off the rails and getting distracted is probably the top enemy you need to fight today.

See in this era of “fake news” it’s too easy for any hawker to polish his items and claim it to be the cure-all.

But I’d be the first one to warn you – don’t waste your money. Keep it locked and safe.

4. Delegate Or Fail

Believe it or not, you can’t do everything on your own.

There was a time when I used to get obsessed about codes on my website… but these things don’t pay your rent.

Moreover, the technology, the platforms, and the rules of the online business are rapidly changing.

There’s no reason for a coach to chase it all like a hamster because you can hire guys to do it for you at very affordable rates.

5. Enhance Your Credibility

That could turn into more or better testimonials or getting certified.

As I’ve said before, the coaching industry is self-regulated.

But it always helps when your certificate shines behind you and takes up a big space on the wall.

Lastly, Having An Expert On Your Side Can Trigger Massive Business Success

Look, if you get out for fishing like once or twice a year… then it doesn’t matter whether you come home empty-handed or not… you are out for fun. Right?

But if you’re looking to hold monster fish in your greedy hands then you got to go to an expert angler.

And pay them to have you look over their shoulders and copy their process.

If you know coaching is your calling, and you need results fast, then you got to have plenty of high-ticket clients… And believe it or not, a coach can get you there fast.

I wonder whether you’ve realized the immense potential in coaching for coaches.

Now What?

You know I’ll be beating my own chest here and you may wonder what’s the sell here. Let me assure you there’s nothing to sell.

But my intention is to help you make an impact in the world and deposit some serious profits in your account…

As you know, I’m the guy who took my own coaching business (in a weird dating niche) from $200 to over $13,457 WITHIN a month.

And I question myself how I can help other coaches establish their coaching business online and smile all the way to the bank.

You’ve seen it work… I’ve posts and emails where I’ve told you about successful 6-figure (even 7 or 8 figure) coaches and how I’ve helped them.

For example, I’ve helped a ‘creativity’ coach go from having 0 clients (trying to charge $50) to being overbooked and RAKING $825 per hour (with 12 clients).

I made an almost starving Relationship Coach pile up $30,000 profits in just 8 weeks.

And I forced a coach to increase her price from a disastrous $150 a session to over $2000… and she sent-off her resignation within a month.


2 thoughts on “The 80/20 Rule Which Runs All 6-Figure Coaching Business

  1. Hi. My concern right now is not really the figures, though having this would really be great. My concern is really having that push to intentionally offer my coaching services. I don’t have any niche right now. I just completed my coaching course last 2017 and had 6 coachees from then ’til now. I want to get into this more seriously but the time I spend at work plus my responsibilities once I get home, really pushes my coaching profession way back. I want to help people, and hopefully do this thru coaching. If I could only have this “push” I was saying, then everything else will follow. I’m sorry about this concern which is not even related to the concern you’d like to address with your offer here. I just had that thought that you might just be able to, at least, give me nudge towards how I could start the ball rolling. Thanks in advance.

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