Steal These 5 Surefire Email Templates which are going to endear you to your clients for life

Want To Know How To Nurture You Clients?

These templates will show you how.

So, I have been catching up on a bit of rock climbing:


There is this place near Jakarta, where I live, which has a pretty decent little rock climbing spot.

I must say though, I have become a little rusty.

I am nowhere close to as good as I used to be.

Travelling, working and being busy in a lot of other stuff have had this tiny little side effect.

Even though some of it is still ingrained in my muscle memory, no matter how proficient one might be in their skill, it will be worth absolutely nothing if you do not practice and nurture that skill.

The same concept carries over to our business in a big way.

You can have the best looking blog but what’s the use if you don’t update it?

You can have the most spectacularly designed Facebook page but what is the use if you don’t post anything in it?

Similiarly, you can have a HUGE client list but what’s the use if you do not engage them?

You are literally wasting a GOLD MINE if you do not do anything about it!!

Think about it from their perspective.

You are a person desperately looking for a solution to a problem or maybe you have finally found a proper “sensei” to teach you a particular skill.

You have gone through this potential sensei’s program and you found it pretty appealing.

So now you are excited and you subscribe for their newsletters.

And then…



At this point, two things will go through your head.

  1. Maybe the coach is way too lazy to do anything.


  1. Maybe the coach simply doesn’t care enough.

And then what happens when the coach suddenly sends you an email out of the blue telling you about a program and asking you to pay huge amounts of money for it?

You see how bad that can be?

I mean how will you feel like if you are treated like that?

Won’t you be pissed? Won’t you feel insulted?

Basically what’s happening is that they are using you for money, that’s what’s happening.

They have not even tried to establish any sort of rapport or relationship with you!!

So you can see? How that can be so humiliating and frustrating?

As of right now, just after they have subscribed for your newsletters, you are still a “face on the screen” , so to speak.

You are still not humanized enough. You are just a guy/ girl wearing a flashy dress and giving a million dollar “sparkly-and-twinkling-white-teeth” smile.

So how do you bridge that gap?

You build a relationship with your clients….simple.

How exactly do you do that?

You should make them feel wanted.

And yes , you cannot fake that.

If you are not genuinely happy when you see your tribe increase, well then, I guess it is time you try out some other career path.

Sorry for being harsh. But that’s the whole truth.

If you are not happy about having more people to nurture and take care of then you should simply quit.

Understand this: they are giving you their lives. You are the key which will open the door to their dreams and goals.

You simply can’t afford to slack off in that aspect.

Anyway… don’t worry.

I am here to help you…I have got your back 😀

back cat

Err….not to that extent… but will do my best!!

Anyway…the best way to establish a relationship is by using Andre Chaperon’s “AutoResponder Madness BUT IN THIS ONE


We shall cover another form of nurturing.

This is the pre one-on-one session nurturing.

The one-on-one sessions are your bread and butter when it comes to relationship building.

You can write the best emails in the world but nothing in human interaction will ever beat a good old one-on-one conversation.

Now before you do have your sessions, you will need to send some emails to your client to remind them about the session and, more importantly, make them feel at ease.

So, in my research I have found out that there are certain mail templates that ALWAYS work when it comes to pre-session nurturing.

My team and I have utilized these templates successfully with OVER 100 coaches and have helped them establish a profound relationship with their clients.

And I am going to give you the templates for FREE.

Along with the templates I will also give you a small and easy to understand email summary to make you understand why each of those templates work so that you can use them later in as and when you want.

So do you want them?



So all that you have to do is to:

  1. Compose an email.
  2. Write “Show me the sequence”.
  3. Mail it to me via [email protected] !!

That’s all…and after that, I will mail you the sequence which will go a LONG way to establish a proper relationship between you and your client!!

Until then…