Social Media Marketing #1: How To Get 2,000,000 Facebook Fans

Social Media Marketing #1: How To Get 2,000,000 Facebook Fans coach marketing facebook


Social Media Marketing: How Sue Krebs Grew A Page With More Than 2 Million Fans

Today, I, the spawn, was feeding my life giver on the day that she was revealed to the world.

That’s officially the most terrible way anyone has ever said that they were treating their mum on her birthday. (And not the best way to do social media marketing :P).

Sorry mummy :P.

So, I have been in Singapore for quite a few weeks now and my mum decided to come over for a visit.

So I decided to treat the woman who has given me everything to a nice birthday lunch.

Joined by some of our friends, we had our food in the amazing Earl Of India in the Sentosa Boat Club.

Great food and great company!

Something interesting came up during the lunch.

It was a quote that was posted on the Dalai Lama’s Facebook Page:

“From my point of view all things originate with the mind. The quality of our actions depends on our motivation. A real appreciation of humanity, compassion, and love are crucial to this. Whether we work in science, agriculture, or politics, if we’re good hearted about it, our contribution will be positive.”

Such profound words from such a beautiful soul!

And it got us talking about Manifestation and how powerful it can be.

Today’s entry into the Social Media Marketing series is going to be about one of the most powerful ways of making your site legit and credible.,..

Here I am going to tell you about the importance of free traffic… The manifestation bit will come a little later.

Why is social media marketing for business critical?


Why is free traffic so important?


Let me tell you a story.

Jeff is an ice cream dealer… and he makes the best peanut butter ice cream in the town.

One day, John and Jill go to Jeff’s to eat some ice cream.  They loved it. After all, it is the best Peanut butter ice cream in the town, right?

The next day, John and Jill get 3 of their friends to eat some of Jeff’s ice cream…and they all lovedit . Since it is the best Peanut butter ice cream in town.

Slowly, slowly everyone in the town came over to Jeff’s place and they all agreed.  That he indeed made the best peanut butter ice cream in town.

What did Jeff do?

He didn’t advertise anything.  He didn’t go out of his way to tell people about his product…he didn’t do any hardcore social media marketing.

All that Jeff did was….you guessed it, make the best Peanut Butter Ice cream in town!

And it remained that way for years.  People came from all over just to eat the best peanut butter ice cream in town!

I love this little story!

Firstly, because Peanut Butter Ice Cream is delicious.


I mean look at that… FEAST YOUR EYES!!

Secondly, because this story teaches you a very, very important lesson.

If you have a good product/program, people will come to you.

It is as simple as that.

Think about it: Google, Facebook, Wikipedia..

Do these sites even have to advertise about their services anymore? Of course they don’t.

So why do social media marketing at all?

Because they have built one thing that every business owner should have.


It is as simple as that. If you are credible and your services are good, people will talk about you.

Folks who talk about you program and introduce their friends and family to you.

That is what you should aim for.

That’s the power of free traffic!

When you are getting people on your homepage without paying any money to get that particular traffic,

That’s when you know that you have truly arrived and what you are doing is indeed working!

But how would you do that?

You are probably wondering how exactly you can gain the amount of credibility required to gain that status?

Don’t think so small … Thinking and dreaming small will not get you anywhere.

Dream BIG. Don’t let your inhibitions bring you down..ever!

Now, I am not telling you to make castles in the sky.

Here is the cold harsh truth.

Nothing will ever work for you IF you have no belief in yourself.

Remember what I was telling you in the beginning of the article?

The power of manifestation!

I believe in manifestation and I do believe that your external physical world is a projection of your inner beliefs.

You will need to believe that you are making the best program in your niche and people will come to you!

You will need to be Jeff from the anecdote.  He didn’t care about anything else.  Aall that he cared about was making the best Peanut Butter Ice Cream in the town!

You are still wary about this aren’t you?

Then allow me to introduce you to Sue Krebs.


Sue is a very good friend and she owns the “Soul Speaking” Facebook Page.

She says that we are spiritual beings hidden in our physical shells.  And she heals our inner spiritual self which so often goes unchecked and unhealed.

Last I checked her page she had 2,393,178 likes!!

That is 2,393,178 potential clients right there!!!

That’s the power of social media marketing.

Now here is a scary fact.

She didn’t use any advertisements…nor did she buy those Facebook likes.

You do not need to advertise your page all the time…according to her.


They are all normal “likes” all people who have joined her page of their own will.

Pure free traffic!

How exactly did she do it?

Sue didn’t have an easy life.

She had to go through a variety of jobs that she didn’t like to feed her family and lots of unsatisfying thankless part time jobs.

But finally when she found her calling in life.

She had pure unshakable belief in her work and she had full faith that she would be able to help all of her clients by using her methods.

That’s the law of attraction at its most basic.

If you truly believe something, the universe will make sure that you will get it.

Who knew that that would help you in your social media marketing.

So, why not hear straight from the horse’s mouth itself?

This is my interview with Sue:

Here she tells me everything about how she started the page and most importantly how she got where she is right now.

Her mental makeup as she built up her ideas and beliefs.

Personally for me, it’s been a great learning experience communicating with her.

I am a 100% sure you will learn something as well :).

See you on the next edition of the social media marketing series.


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