Social Media Marketing #4: Becoming a Facebook Yoda

Social Media Marketing: Here Is How You Get Traffic



Hello there!



(warned you didn’t I?)

Yes I have just finished my crossfit routine.

And boy am I spent!!!

I have started working out in the morning…mainly because it saves soooo much time.

Anyway… I was destroying a bowl of oats and felt like typing today’s edition of the social media marketing series for you..

But wait….I must rest my arms for a while.


Ya ya…I know I know….ouch…

Anyway…let’s move on to a question that I get asked a lot.

Who is the greatest villain in the James Bond Franchise?



How do I get traffic to my sites, blogs etc.?

Now this is a question that stumps most…but for a different reason.

You see…there are just SOOOO many ways that you can attract traffic to your page that it can actually get very confusing. You just straight up don’t know which method you wanna go with. Social media marketing can be overwhelming.

It is kinda like when your parents took you to the candy store.


So if we are to make a broad generalisation, all forms of traffic usually fall into two categories:

  1. Paid Traffic.
  2. Free Traffic.

Paid traffic is when you spend actual money to get a concentrated and interested crowd to your page. E.g. Facebook ads, pay per click etc. are various ways that you can get people over to your site/ page.

Free traffic, on the other hand, is when you rank your page naturally. You are like any other website out there in Google. You are ranking your page the old-fashioned way. Search engine optimisation and having a Facebook page is a great way to generate free traffic.

Free traffic eventually helps you in the long run but if you are looking for short-term solutions…paid traffic is definitely the way to go.

Now comes the problem.

Which method do you go with?

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, why not ask our friend for some advice?

Yup you guessed it…

We are going to go with the solution that, as Goldilocks would put it, is “just right”.

We are gonna go with both!!

If there is one thing I have learnt in my years as a coach and as a business owner, putting all of your eggs in one basket is FATAL.

SO, we are gonna go with a little bit of both.

And in my personal experience…using FACEBOOK is the perfect way to blend both of these ingredients.

You can use Facebook ads which costs peanuts do generate paid traffic and you can maintain a highly converting Facebook page which will churn in traffic naturally.

It’s so easy to know how to advertise your page!


Facebook is super legit and has a high PR rank.

The higher the PR rank, the higher the “power” so to speak of that particular site.

And Facebook is PR 7 which is the highest rank possible.

So, this automatically rubs off on your page and makes sure that your Facebook page will land highly favourably in the Google search results.

So, in case you are wondering if this will be a lot of work or not…well…don’t be.

Facebook ads are cheap and highly effective.

And well when it comes to Facebook pages, once again, Sai Blackbyrn has your back 😀


I TRULY believe that with a few tweaks ANYONE can turn their Facebook page into a client generating monster!

Anyone can master social media marketing for business.

If you know how to position yourself on Facebook and how to create a marketing funnel you automatically become the lead coach people go to… regardless of anything.



Oh master Yoda….you can belch and still end up sounding smarter than most of the folks I know.

Want to be Yoda don’t you? 😀

Join me for the final edition of the Social Media Marketing series….its an interview with a man who owns a facebook fan page with over 2.5 million fans.


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