Social Media Marketing #2: How To Bring In Clients From Anywhere



Social Media Marketing: Here Is A Lesson From The Mahabharata (Indian Mythology)

This is Sai Blackbyrn reporting LIVE from Jakarta!

So yesterday in a fit of randomness I, along with some buddies, went to this awesome archery range.

Now archery as a sport has always fascinated me, ever since I was a kid.

Now there’s an old Indian anecdote regarding archery that I want to tell you right now….trust me you will learn a lesson in social media marketing as well.

The story goes that the great sage Drona decided to test his pupils.

He kept a wooden bird carving on top of a tree and told his pupils that their objective was to shoot the bird right in the eye.

One by one, his pupils took aim but right at the moment that they were about the release the arrow, Drona asked them: “What do you see?”

The pupils said that they saw the tree, the branch, the leaves, the sky, the bird and so on and so forth.

As soon as they said that, Drona told them to lower their bow and to not take the shot.

This went on for a while until finally his star pupil Arjuna stepped up.

Drona asked him:”Arjuna, what do you see?”

He replied:”I can only see the eye of the bird and nothing else.”

Drona smiled with approval and told him to take the shot.

Arjuna released the arrow and BOOM! He hit the bird right in eye.

What this story teaches us is the importance of ATTENTION.

What Drona wanted to test was how focused their mind was and to see if they were distracted by their surroundings or not.

Attention is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable and underrated resources we have when it comes to dealing with clients.

It isn’t rocket science.

If your clients are paying attention to what you are saying… they will give you more results.

Unfortunately here comes the bad part.

Attention is a ridiculously fickle beast.

Especially in this day and age, where there are literally thousands upon thousands of things that one comes across every single day. It’s hard to pay attention to anything at all…


It’s packaged in an interesting way!!

So a few days back I came across these two little fellows in my apartment.


Watching them reminded me of how, when I was a kid, my mum would completely lose it whenever I spilled sugar in the kitchen.

She would be snarling up a storm screaming “You are going to attract the ants” while doing her best Freddy Krueger impression…

Yes, my mum was pretty scary when she was angry.

Now what was going through my head while this fascinating spectacle of anger and snarls played out in front of me was how the ants usually never bothered me but as soon as I spilled even a little bit of sugar, they would be all over me.

Finally I realized that that was because the ants were specifically looking for something sweet.

That’s what interested them!

They simply didn’t care about anything else.

Now keep those ants in mind and think about this….there is a valuable social media marketing lesson to learn here…

Your clients may like your page but if you don’t post anything interesting and compelling in your pages your clients will simply ignore it like those ants in my home.

But spill some sugar and they will be all over you in a second.

Post something that genuinely gives value to your clients and they will be giving you ALL of their attention.

Here is the biggest thing you need to learn for social media marketing for business.


Note this down folks because this is a very important revelation that I have had in my journey in learning as much as i can about social media marketing.


Not Keeping Your Client’s Attention Is As Bad As Not Having Any Clients At All.

So without further ado, I give to you the Trinity Tactic for social media marketing mastery.

The Trinity goes as follows:

  1. Market Posts with Images: Images take up more space in the newsfeed than a simple text update. This will make the people take that extra split second to evaluate your content before they proceed. That extra split second can give you those extra clients!
  2. Tag People: As with any community of people the most organic and efficient way to spread the word is via word of mouth. You tag more people, more people see your post and more the chances of them sharing your post. Don’t underestimate the power of “word of mouth”. Need proof? Look at how many hits the song “Gangnam Style” got merely through word of mouth and shares.
  3. Word Smithing: Don’t make over-elaborate posts. People will ignore them. Try to get as much information out using as few words as possible. Brevity is a skill. Utilise it.

These are the general outlines of the tactic.

That’s how you advertise your page.


Remember, keep your client’s attention and you will be able to have the faithful and loyal clientele you have always dreamt of having!

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