Social Media Marketing #3: Using Facebook To Show Off Branding

Social Media Marketing #3: Using Facebook To Show Off Branding coach facebook branding


Social Media Marketing: Lessons from Mike Horn’s Facebook page

Welcome back to today’s edition of the “social media marketing” series.

So, I was indulging in some good ol’ nostalgia wanna share with you about my visit to the magnificent Borobudur temple.

This gorgeous monument is easily the greatest Buddhist monument in the world.

It is located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Today, I will tell you how to show your positioning via Facebook….aka lesson #3 in social media marketing.

To be more exact: How to show off your own brand of positioning via Facebook.

“Show off” maybe a bad word to use here but let’s just use it without any negative connotations, ya?

How do you think Central Java show off themselves in their postcards?

Go ahead… go and Google “Central Java Postcards” and see what the first search result is.


Yup… That’s how Central Java tourism advertise themselves.

By showing off their single-most beautiful and greatest asset.

So I follow this guy on Facebook… Mike Horn.

Check him out yourself.

He is one of the greatest living adventurers. He gives TED talks and holds various records.

Just look at how tastefully he shows off his brand in his Facebook page.

He is an adventurer. So, what kinda stuff does he share on his page?

Well… something like this:


And this:


Gorgeous pics, aren’t they?

Just looking at these pics tells you everything that you need to know about this guy.

He is an adventurer…plain and simple.

I am pretty sure he is not willingly doing such amazing social media marketing..he is merely showing off.

Plus for his followers who want to get inspired by his pics. Don’t you think that these pics aren’t inspiring enough?

Hell, speaking for myself, these pics make me wanna pack up my gear, put on my costume and climb mountains… and then punch a yeti in its face as well.

And then find out that the yeti is actually a kind being and bond with him over a bottle of chang.

Well…maybe the last part isn’t true.


Pretty much how my encounter with a yeti will go down….only with much more gore and tears and broken dreams.

What about when you are a coach?

What kinda stuff do you share on your Facebook page?


That’s the Facebook page of this awesome guy. I meant me…I was talking about me…

Anyway… I always take care of what I am posting on my Facebook page.

You see, as coaches, we unfortunately don’t have as much social media freedom as other people do.

Every single thing you post, every single pic you put up, everything gets scrutinized.

And here is another thing that you should know.

Every single post that you put up, well, it is gonna be read by so many people, most of whom are your clients/prospective clients.

And every single thing that you write down, every single thing that you share, MIGHT change and inspire someone into becoming great!

So if you feel bad that you won’t have the amount of social media freedom that you would like,

Well… the fact that every single thing that I share may change someone, more than makes up for it.

So what do I share on my FB page?

How do you advertise your page?


What is my brand and what is my positioning?

My biggest selling point is that I get to work with so many wonderful people… and I have a “job” that allows me to go and work from wherever I want!!

So I put up pics from my travels and I put up all the revelations and epiphanies that I get during my travels.

Epiphanies that I know for sure are gonna help people.

Now I know that some people may think of it as empty “showing off” and sharing “deep” and empty posts to just get “likes”.

But well, I can’t change how everyone thinks right?

All I can do is to make sure that I keep doing everything that I possibly can to help as many people who want my help and want to be inspired.

And if my pics and posts can inspire them, well, then I have no problem posting them whatsoever!

So if you want more help knowing what all to post in your Facebook page, well, just come to my page:

And you can go through it in your leisure. If you want more help just send me a friend request.

You can learn more about social media marketing for business after you do that.


We can connect later and I will help you out with any problems that you may have!!

Until then… here is another pic of the Borobudur:


Look at my face!

Isn’t it the perfect moneymaker.. 😉




Urgh fine…

See you on the next edition of the social media marketing series.


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