7 Best Coaching Books All New Coaches Should Read

7 Best Coaching Books All New Coaches Should Read

Missed my free life coaching webinar last time around? You’re in luck because you have another chance to sign up for my exclusive webinar here. You’ll learn all about the art of building a six figure coaching business, discover how to finally get paid $5000+ for your...

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How To Become a Real Estate Coach

How To Become a Real Estate Coach

Ask any person what their ideal avenue of investment would be, and more often than not, the answer would be real estate. It’s easy to see why this is the case, since – after all – the fact of the matter is that land is a commodity that is constantly increasing in...

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How To Become An Executive Coach (A Coaching Guide)

How To Become An Executive Coach (A Coaching Guide)

If an organisation is thought of as a functioning machine, then its employees are the cogs that breathe life into this mechanism. And, as is with every machine, these gears need to be properly maintained and well-oiled at all times. While regular servicing and...

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Sai Blackbyrn

Hey there! I’m Sai Blackbyrn, better known as “The Coach’s Mentor.” I help Coaches like you establish their business online. My system is simple: close more clients at higher fees. You can take advantage of technology, and use it as a catalyst to grow your coaching business in a matter of weeks; not months, not years. It’s easier than you think.

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If you are a coach and are looking to build a coaching business which allows you to live anywhere in the world, and work your own hours, while doing something you love, I have a webinar you’ll love!

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“Within 2 hours of implementing Sai’s funnel I got my first premium long term client.”

Uzma Asghar
CEO @ Uzma Asghar

“Within 3 months of joining Sai’s program I was finally able to quit my job and run a full time coaching business.”

Tolu Fagbola
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“Thanks to Sai, within 2 weeks I got 12 new clients each paying $550.”

Jan Cross
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