How Jessica Nazarali Grew To One Of The Worlds Most Recognised Coaches…In One Year!

In 2014 she was still working 1 on 1 with coaching clients. But by 2015, she was running retreats, having group coaching workshops with 30 people at a time in them, as well as becoming the face for Evercoach (one of the leading companies in coaching business training).

In this interview, she tells you exactly what happened in 2015 to jumpstart her coaching business from being stuck doing 1 on 1 clients, to being able to pick and choose who she lets onto her programs.

[Interview] How Carol Miller Built A 1.4m Fan Facebook Page

She is one of the most inspirational people that I have come across.

She is the creator of the “Positive Focus” Facebook page

As you can see it is an extremely inspirational page.

Now there is something that I want you to check… look at how many “likes” are there on the page.

Nearly 1.5 MILLION!!

1.5 million!

So I spoke to Carol recently to know about her secret.

Steal These 5 Surefire Email Templates which are going to endear you to your clients for life

There is this place near Jakarta, where I live, which has a pretty decent little rock climbing spot.

I must say though, I have become a little rusty.

I am nowhere close to as good as I used to be.

Travelling, working and being busy in a lot of other stuff have had this tiny little side effect.

Even though some of it is still ingrained in my muscle memory, no matter how proficient one might be in their skill, it will be worth absolutely nothing if you do not practice and nurture that skill.

What I Learnt From Spending $74,530 In Facebook Ads In 2015

I wanted to share something with you today which will completely shift the way you’re using your Facebook ads,

In 2015 we spend $74,530 in Facebook ads, and we’d learnt a thing or two about what gets coaching clients.

Instead of giving you a long post about it, I decided to make it a little more fun, and designed an infographic for you, which simplifies the best, worst, and most effective ads we’ve run.

Life coach jobs sins #5: Not dealing with leeches

Having someone leach your talent, and take you for a ride is surefire way to find yourself stuck in mediocrity. I’ve had two business partners who did that when I first started. Trust me its not a good feeling.

In this post, you’re going to see exactly how John Lennon got destroyed by that same leach, and what you need to do to identify and escape their clutches

4 Killer Lessons In Branding

Do you remember Old Spice, or Poo-Pourri,

These two brands have conquered the known world, and they did it in two very unappealing niche, body odor and toilet odor,

These three branding techniques are everything when it comes to your coaching business

The 3 Skills Every Coach Must Have

There are literally only 3 skills that every coach needs to have, and if you look carefully and some of the greats of this generation, Floyd Mayweather, and Tony Robbins, they secretly use these three skills in everything that they’ve done.