Coaches these days have no idea how lucky they are. It is human tendency to look into the more negative side of life, and more of then than not we forget the little things that we should feel nothing but immense gratitude for.

Just over a decade ago, you would have struggled to put your name out there. It was hard for coaches to get known unless they were a Tony Ribbons or a Les Brown.  All this has changed since the advent of the internet.

In this article, we will see how the internet has changed coaching and what it takes to become an online life coach.

What is an online life coach?

The biggest way that the internet has changed the world is by bringing everyone together in one platform.  People are closer than they have ever been before and this gives amazing opportunities to coaches like us, especially life coaches.

As a life coach, you know that everything depends on the connection that you share with your clients. Being online will give you the opportunity to connect with your clients in a 100 different ways every single day.

So to answer the question. An online life coach is a life coach who inspires their clients via an online platform. The platform could be blogs, social media, youtube videos, emails, anything.

Should you become an online life coach?

The answer to this question is very straightforward. As we move on things continue to evolve. What used to be relevant ages ago may not be so relevant anymore.

Look at what has happened to MySpace. It refused to evolve and move on and eventually got chewed out by its competition.

That, unfortunately, is the brutal reality of the world. If you don’t evolve and you don’t get on with the times, you will get left behind.

Let me explain this concept to you in terms of the coaching business. Years ago everybody was raving on and on about one-on-one coaching and how that is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well, if you are still sticking with one-on-one coaching, then you are sticking with a method that is obsolete and belongs to a bygone era.

“What… How can you say that Sai?”

Well, I expand on this more in my free webinar. You can check out the details and find out how you can register at the end of this article.

Much like this, the entire idea of coaching has evolved and now we are at a stage where a majority, if not all, coach-client interactions are done in an online platform.

So, if you are a life coach or you want to be a life coach, then it goes without saying that you will absolutely need an online platform. That’s just how it is nowadays.

What does an online life coach do?

An online life coach does anything and everything in their power to connect with their clients in an online platform. So what are the methods at their disposal? Here are some examples:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media.
  • Emails


You can write blogs about various problems that are affecting your clients. However, you cannot just write about anything, some research needs to be done before you can do that.

This research is called “keyword research”, this is how it works:

    • List out some of the issues that your clients maybe facing. Suppose you are a dating coach, list out the issues that your clients maybe facing in that particular area.


    • Once you have the list go to


    • In the countries targeted put in your countries of choice, it is advised to put in English speaking first world countries (eg. USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.) since most of your clients will be from those places.


    • Put in the ideas you have come up with one at a time and check out the results. We are looking for keywords which have “HIGH” competition and planner results between 1k-10k. That’s the sweet spot. This means that our keyword is very desirable and people are actively searching for those queries in Google. (You may want to sort the list in a descending order of competition to make your life easier!)


    • When you have that, take that aside and put it in a new spreadsheet or document. This will be your MAIN KEYWORD, meaning that your article will be about that keyword and the headline will be something around it. So, in this case, it will be something like “How do I meet women online?”


    • The articles will have several sub-headings and those can be easily researched by doing this simple task. Go on google and search for your main keyword. Scroll down and check out the suggestions in “related searches”.


    • Then you can use the related searches to create sub-headings like: “What are the top 5 free dating sites?”, “How to meet a girl on facebook?”, “How do I meet girls near me?”, “How to make an online dating girl give you her number”? The reason why this works is because people who are searching for your main keyword are ALSO searching for these terms as well.


  • Now that you have your article skeleton, you can simply flesh them out by adding your content.

So why do we do this? Why don’t we just randomly write about something?

The answer is simple. If you want to write on something, you need to write on topics that people in your niche are actually interested in, not what you think they are interested in.

When Google sees that you are writing on a topic that a lot of its users are interested in, it will bump you up into page 1. The moment you are on page one of google you will automatically get more people coming over to your blog.

By maintaining a blog which regularly addresses and resolves the main issues that people in your niche are facing you will automatically create a following who will feel intensely connected and devoted to you.

Social Media

Social media is huge. I can say this without any hesitation that at least 95% of your clients will be on some form of social media.

If you do not have some sort of presence on social media then not only are you doing yourself an injustice, you are also robbing your potential clients of al the life-changing experiences they could have had with you.

Do not do that, create your social media account and share things and thoughts that inspire you. You can afford to show a lot more of yourself in social media when compared to other platforms.

Let your audience see you, share what inspires you with them. They will appreciate you and love you for it.


Emails are very very powerful. This is what you are sending DIRECTLY to your clients. You are not giving it out to everybody hoping that someone may read it, you are giving this directly to the people that want to read more from you.

Not only are emails a great way to send regular bits of knowledge, it is also a great way to have people sign up for your programs and webinars.

The best way that you can use and automate all these platforms is by having a fully functional coaching business in place. I will show you how to do that in my free webinar which you can check out below.

Will being an online life coach give me freedom?

The best part about having your coaching business online is that you can coach from wherever you want. I have myself taken coaching sessions from Bali, Bangkok, Kashmir etc. to say the least.

I love traveling and the fact that I can do that without compromising my coaching is truly a dream come true. My coaching has helped me live the lifestyle of my dreams!

In fact, this is the where I am writing this article right now!

Not too shabby!

Here is the best part though, it is not as hard as it seems! All that you have to do is to implement certain coaching business blueprints and templates in your business.

No, I am not exaggerating, it really is that simple. Scroll down and check out my free webinar (scroll down) to know more about this.

Where do I get my online life coach accreditation?


You do not really need an accreditation or certification to get started as a life coach. In order to become a coach, education is not as important as experience. No life coach training program in the world can inculcate in you the wisdom that is required of a coach. You are simply born with it.

If you insist on taking a course then I can’t stop you, but remember Tony Robbins, arguably the greatest coach who has ever lived never took any certification course.

He knew that he had greatness inside him and he just went with it.

What you do need help with though is to get an understanding of how the coaching business works. And a certification program can definitely help you with that.

However, what it won’t do is give you access to templates which have been proven to work again and again and again. They will expect you to start from ground zero, which tbh, is a MASSIVE waste of time.

If, on the other-hand, you want to get your hands on the coaching business templates which will turn your coaching into a client generating machine then keep scrolling down and check out my free webinar.

What is an online life coach salary?

 A life coach starts with a salary of around $47,000 per year which keeps growing over the years. Payscale did a study on it which you can check out here:

However, I feel that $47,000 is very less for someone who has dedicated their entire lives to the service of others.

And you know the best part?

It is completely within our power to hike this number up.


I will give you a hint.

Choose high-ticket clients over low-ticket clients.

What the hell do I mean by that?

Well…read on. Before I tell you what that means, I need to ask you a simple question:

Are you ready to become an online life coach?

Because here is the fact, most of you reading this article will fail and chances are that you are going to quit in the next year or so.

I am not saying that to hurt you, I am just merely quoting statistics.

Many coaches fail because they are tired of failing and the passion that was burning inside them will die down.

Most of the time, especially in the beginning, you will struggle to get clients, your articles will hardly get any views, your social media posts will not get any engagement at all.

When I was in my early years as a dating coach there have been so many nights when I had to starve myself to sleep after eating a couple of biscuits for dinner, I was getting harassed by my landlord since I was so behind on my rent.

Every single day I used to go out to get clients to sign up for my program while at night I used to sleep wondering whether I could go on like this or not.

The “clients” that I did manage to get were mostly friends who thought I was helping them out as a “favor” and hence they didn’t even bother paying me for my services.

Every single day I was hungry, miserable and sleeping in a small apartment whose rent I hadn’t paid in months BUT I toughed it out and refused to let the fire inside me burn out.

The reality is that most coaches don’t have that tenacity and eventually they will all stop.

You know the best part?

All this could be avoided if they simply paid attention to building a coaching business.

A well laid out business is the perfect platform from where you can truly elevate as a coach. But then this brings out one more issue.

Coaches HATE the technical and business part of coaching. They just want to go out there and change lives. I completely get that because guess what, I HATED working on my business in the early years.

I was like, “Why am I learning how to code websites when I can be out there helping people?” It can get very grating and very disempowering.

So what I am telling you is: First you will have to starve yourself every night and not get any money in return for all the work that you will be doing. Most of the time you will be doing something that you hate.

After that, if somehow you still have the fire burning inside you…after that you can finally be a coach and do what you want.

Oh, and most of the people quit before they even get to the final stage, and these are all people who had immense passion.

Doesn’t sound pretty now, does it?

But…what if.. there was a shortcut? What if you had, in your hands, templates that could instantly create your business for you?

Do you want to know how your coaching business can let you live the lifestyle of your dreams?

You see, while I was working on my coaching business I had a brainwave.

Why should a coach learn how to create everything from the scratch? Why can’t they just follow various blueprints and simply replicate them?

Why can’t they simply model proven templates which have been known to work time and time again?

So I made these templates which can create a successful business specifically for coaches from scratch.

I have field tested these templates with businesses of various coaching niches like Dating, Personal Development, Business etc. and each and every time they were able to achieve top results.

What do I mean by top results?

That is what I mean by top results.

And btw, have I told you yet?

I will be giving you these templates for….FREE.

I believe that these templates should have been out in the world for everyone to use and thrive by already.

Since they are not, this is my way of giving back to the universe for all the joy and gratitude I have experienced in my journey so far.

So without any further ado… the webinar is called:

How Your Coaching Business Can Let You Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

Registering for the webinar is a simple process.

Just go to the link.

And you will see this:

Click on “Claim My Spot Now” and you will see this pop up:

Just enter your First Name and Email and click on the “CLAIM MY SPOT NOW” button and that’s it!

It is that simple.

I am waiting for you, so register quickly before the seats fill up:

How Your Coaching Business Can Let You Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

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