Life Coaching Courses #3: The art of Facebook Ads.

Life Coaching Courses #3: The art of Facebook Ads. life coach facebook ads

Life coaching courses: Facebook Ads can unlock your greatness.

What’s up homie?

I am sorry…I am listening to Dr.Dre right ya…


Anyway…so something amazing happened last night


Stomp is a music group which makes music using a variety of random things like trash cans, basketballs etc.

It might sound very weird but let me tell you something…

When all of them combine, they somehow turn into this hypnotic, almost trance-like being.

It is hard to explain. You will have to be there to know what I mean.

It was quite the experience and the scary part is that I almost missed it.

You see… I didn’t know that this group EVEN existed, let alone know how amazing they were!

If it wasn’t for this one singly tiny little advertisement in the newspapers…I would have completely missed them!

And this brings me very nicely to what I wanted to talk to you about today.

Let’s see how you can use Facebook to generate paid traffic.

No amount of life coaching certification can help you if you can’t get traffic right?

Now this is something that I used to struggle with a lot…and it definitely burned a HUGE hole in pocket.

I simply didn’t know what to do!!!

But I still ended up paying absolutely ridiculous amounts of money for PPC, ads and what not.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, this world is a pretty heartless place and people are out there just to take your money without giving anything in return whatsoever.

I got scammed, pretty bad. Though, I will admit that it was my mistake as I didn’t educate myself.

So anyway, here I was…pissed off and miserable.

Hell for a month I was kinda like this:

Life Coaching Courses #3: The art of Facebook Ads. life coach facebook ads

Soooo anyway… I finally decided to educate myself as much as I possibly can.

And finally, FINALLY, after a whole month of locking myself up in my room, I decoded it and I was finally able to implement paid traffic:

  1. Without spending loads of money.
  2. Using as much efficiency as possible.

I mastered Facebook ads and I reaped the benefits.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Simple…I was scammed so badly earlier that I decided, there is absolutely NO WAY that I was gonna make someone else go through this again.

Am I on a mission?

You bet your bottom dollar I am.

You have no idea how much of your life coach salary you can save up if you master this.

I am going to level the playing field. I feel that it is absolutely asinine that these tools should be with the few when it should be shared among EVERYONE.

So why is this life coaching courses lesson telling you to implement Facebook Ads?

Why should you start incorporating it RIGHT NOW?

  1. It is cheap: It is not even funny. You spend less than a dollar and end up getting clients. It is literally a cheat code.
  2. Targeted advertising: Think of it like a sniper gun. Your ads will check out the search history of your users and target them.
  3. Facebook is HUGE: EVERYBODY is on Facebook. I mean, it is not even funny. It has grown exponentially and it is there for you to use as you please. So kindly oblige :D.
  4. You get more eyes on your product: This is pretty much obvious. It will get more people to checkout your page and get more people educated about your product.


Are you ready to add this amazing weapon to your arsenal?



Important pointer of this life coaching courses lesson. A perfect ad consists of:

  1. The Headline: A short, crisp and punchy headline can work wonders
  2. The Picture: Bright-coloured funny pictures OR text in bright red ink works.
  3. The Body: Text written to show your targeted audience what they want along with a call to action. Bodies shorter than 40 characters get more click rates.

And ya that’s it..

So have fun with that!

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