Life Coaching Courses #2: Niche Definition

Life Coaching Courses #2: Niche Definition life coach niche

Life coaching courses: Are you defining your niche properly?

How my friend used this simple life coaching courses lesson to build his business.


An old friend of mine invited me over for her birthday party in Ubud, Bali so, of course, I couldn’t say no!

Plus, it gives me an opportunity to visit a place that looks like this:


(Side note: imagine doing your life coaching courses from a place like this!)

So I sure as hell ain’t complaining!

I know that I tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to describing a place’s beauty.

So, I will just let the picture do the talking!! (Life coaching courses bonus lesson…sometimes its ok to soak it all in 😉 )

Ubud is a small little heaven right in the middle of Bali.  And this is my go-to place when it comes to connecting with my spiritual self.

All the hustle and bustle of daily life, the pollution, the noise all that comes to a ZILCH in Ubud.

I am not kidding you. You would be hard pressed to hear someone shout here!!

It is THAT peaceful.

Like I said, unfortunately I won’t be able to stay here for as long as I usually do (2 or 3 months).


I will make the most of my time here!!

Anyway…let’s begin with lesson #2 of life coaching courses.

I just had an intense craving for some ice cream today…so my fiancée Jill and I went over to my friend’s shop.


His company Kokolato makes 100% organic, vegan, dairy free, fat free Ice Cream.

And you know the really amazing thing about it?

It somehow manages to taste delicious!!

While I was gorging on the ice cream, a thought rushed into my mind.

And that thought is what I am about to expand on right now.

You see Kokolato is a pretty successful business.

But if it were a mere ice cream business, there would be NO way that it would be successful.

It is a relatively new company and in a field that is dominated by Wall’s, Haagen Daasz and the rest of the big guns.

There should be NO WAY that a new company could be successful…i mean that’s what any life coaching course would say about starting a coaching business right?

Yet they are.


Simple.  They have defined a unique niche for themselves!!

Go back to what I told you before…Kokolato sells vegan, organic, dairy free ice cream.

So, if you are vegan, refraining yourself from dairy and you are somewhere in Ubud, where will you go if you are craving for some good old ice cream?

Kokolato!  Exactly.

That’s the power of a good niche.  If you have chosen a top class exclusive niche for yourself, even if it is in a highly competitive niche (like Ice Cream makers), you WILL be successful.

It is that simple.

It will significantly increase your life coach salary.


But keeping this in mind, you must know one thing… you should know WHO you are TARGETING.

Knowing your audience is the absolute be all and end all of mastering your niche.

Let me give you an example of a former student of mine… who went through my life coaching courses.


I have talked about him before.  One of the sharpest men that I have ever worked with Warren Broad!

Warren is a hypnotherapist and an addiction coach.

He has an Amazon Bestseller “It’s the Landing that Counts” and he is an immensely successful coach in his niche.

You can checkout Warren’s book here:

Now what makes him a success?

Warren TRULY knows and cares about his audience.

You don’t teach that in any life coaching courses…that comes from within.

If you read his book, you can clearly see that he cares about the readers and he truly wants them to let go off their addictions.

There is not a single indication of condescension.  He does not want to be your teacher or your coach.

He wants to be your friend.  He wants to hold your hand as you go through different obstacles and, when you need it, he is there to give you a Hi-5 and a hug.

You can’t fake that.  Try as you might, you simply can’t fake it.

People are smart that way.  They can smell phoniness in an instant.

That’s what makes Warren great and it’s something that you SHOULD learn from him.

Know your audience.  Know what they are going through.

Not a single life coach certification can help you if you don’t understand that.


Know what they want to reach, their goals and dreams.

And then, give them your coaching program and show them HOW you can make them reach their goals.

And you do that by simply being in an exclusive niche that your targeted audience WILL turn to.


If I want a vegan, organic and dairy free ice cream.


I will turn to Kokolato!!

And as you can see from the pic, mine is bigger than Jill’s.


I was talking about the ice cream.


Anyway, here is a question for.

It’s cool that you have an exclusive niche for yourself and yes people will eventually join your program but what if there was a way by which we can increase that number without looking hokey AND while giving massive value at the same time?

Think about it.

So to summarise lesson #2 of life coaching courses: Understand your audience.

Meanwhile… I am gonna lie down in this super comfy bed and read a book.



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