Life Coaching Courses #4: Landing Pages.

Life Coaching Courses #4: Landing Pages. life coach landing pages
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Life Coaching Courses: 4 simple steps to make a sizzling landing page.

Today, Jill and I are chilling in our favourite cafe in Ubud…the “Bali Buda”.

Life Coaching Courses #4: Landing Pages. life coach landing pages

Not only is the place serene and peaceful, the food is damn tasty as well.

So win-win as far as I am concerned :D.

Anyway, in case you didn’t know, I am in Ubud, Bali for my friend’s birthday and I have been making the most of my time here.

Today’s life coaching courses lesson is about perfecting your webinar funnels.

I have already spoken in length about the importance of webinars before.

It is one of the biggest tools that you have in your side, in fact any life coaching courses will tell you that.

I mean not only are you engaging your audience in a deeply personal level, you are also giving genuine value and a glimpse into what you and your program is all about.

So here is the thing, how do you get more people to check out your webinar?

You can send a mail out to your mailing list or you can simply advertise about it through various techniques.

As soon as they click on your ad, they will be directed to a lead page.

Having a great lead page is extremely, extremely important.

So here is where the meat of this life coaching courses lesson begins.

What is a Lead page?

Ah now we come to the meat of today’s life coaching courses lesson..

A Lead page a.k.a Landing Page is a single web page that you get after you click on an ad/link.

And as any life coaching courses will tell you, it is YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER.

I mean even if I try to, I cannot overstate the importance of a landing page.

If you do not work on improving your landing page, then you might as well stop working on your business altogether.

But don’t worry about it…. It is a problem that can be easily fixed.

Heck that’s what I am here for anyway.

How do I make a landing page which will boost my life coach salary?

A great Lead Page should have:

  1. A Snazzy and a Compelling headline: That’s the first thing that your clients are going to read so it has to be something that makes them curious and thirsty for what you are offering.
  2. List Of Benefits: Any life coaching courses will tell you the same thing, we are all tuned into one radio channel. The “WII FM” channel, aka “What’s In It For Me”? If your clients are going to be giving you a significant portion of their time to you then they would want to know what they are signing in for and what they can gain from it.
  3. CTA: .time for some good ol’ call to action!! You wouldn’t want your prospective clients to be passive while going through your lead page. You would want them to actively engage in it. Which is why you r CTA should be a little colour contrasted with your design. You would want the CTA to be the FIRST thing that your client notices. Loads of red colour in and around your CTA works as well.
  4. Fields: Ok, so you have seduced your clients and made them want your services. Now they are all ready to join your webinar but now they have to fill in numerous fields just to get in. They are waiting for the kiss and instead of that you are asking them even more questions!!! So what I just described to you right now is my email editor’s prom night AND a fatal mistake that a lot of coaches make. Keep your fields to a minimum…Name, Email ID and phone number…and that’s it!

So keep these things in mind and you will make a brilliant landing page!

If you can take this much back from this edition of life coaching courses then I will consider this a success.

If you need a step by step guide on how to build amazing lead pages then CLICK HERE right now!

In my personal experience is one of the best lead page creators in the world.

And, like I have already told you, there is absolutely no way that I can overstate the importance of a good lead page!

More often than not, when you organise a free webinar most people who sign in don’t necessarily attend the real thing, we don’t make any fantasies in these series of life coaching courses, we deal with facts and reality.

There may be a host of reasons for that but the primary thought process is that since they didn’t pay for it, they are not really losing anything.

This is a thought-process that you MUST kill in your clients.

You CANNOT be taken for granted… you are worth wayyyy more than that.

So before your webinar starts you must send out reminder emails to your clients. Once again highlighting why your webinars are cannot-miss-events and what they can gain from this.

That’s another takeaway that you must take from this edition of life coaching courses lessons.

Remember, the reason why you are holding these webinars is to give value AND build relationships.

It is important for your clients to know that you truly care. It is a very, very powerful emotion.

Here’s some free nuggets that most life coach training institute won’t tell you

Now that we have come to the webinar itself and you pretty much know what you have to do here.

Kick enormous amounts of butt.

Sounds doable?


Now after you have given value to your attendants and forged a relationship with them.


Right now your program and more importantly YOU are fresh in their minds.


Now you send them a mail, thanking them for attending your webinar and now you can start building up your relationships through Facebook and emails!!

Basically what you have done here is …you have significantly built up your list!!!

That is the ESSENCE of how a webinar funnel works.

If you can get this to work for you perfectly… you can turn your webinars into CLIENT GENERATING MACHINE!!!

So this is where we are going to leave things for now.

Life Coaching Courses #4: Landing Pages. life coach landing pages

Ubud and its gorgeous Cafes calling!!

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