Life Coaching Courses #5: Dealing with criticism

Life Coaching Courses #5: Dealing with criticism life coach criticism


Life coaching courses lessons: What you can learn from Hootsuite


So today was a full on nostalgia trip.

I am in Perth, Australia right now for a “life coaching courses mastermind”.

3 years ago I was kicked out of this country because of some issues with my visa.

And, now that I am here, I am going to some old places that used to mean a lot to me back in the day.

THIS one in particular…made me tear up a bit.


That’s where I gave my first ever seminar on my dating company “SaiFai Dating”.

Just looking at this room literally plunged me into a sea of nostalgia.

Some bad memories.. but mostly good.

That’s room where I gave my first life coaching courses lesson.

There are sooo many valuable lessons that I learned during that time..and one of the biggest ones was how to handle criticism.

You see I was super touchy early on…or as my friends used to call me:” A delicate little butterfly”.

I knew that criticism is part of the job and was ready for it…but when I did face it in reality…I really didn’t know how to react.

And I ended up taking everything like a personal attack.


I quickly learned to develop a thick skin.

You see…everytime you put yourself out there in any form you are going to have people criticising you.

It is just human nature…that is how we are.

They don’t teach you this in any life coach training institute.


Let me give you the first example in today’s life coaching courses lessons.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is one of the greatest movies ever made and paved the way for future gangster classics like Godfather, Goodfellas etc. But when it first came out, Newsweek gave it a terrible review calling it a “squalid shoot-’em-up for the moron trade”.

When the movie was warmly received by the public, they were forced to write a second review where they praised the movie to the rafters.

So how do you deal with criticism?

If you hear everything that people have to say then it’s not gonna help you at all and you are gonna end up being miserable.


That is pretty much what you are doing to yourself there!

You will need to sort out which criticisms are worth listening to.

Don’t get me wrong. Some criticisms can be super constructive and you cannot grow unless you act on some of them.

But some people just criticise for the sake of criticising or just to make the other person feel miserable.


They just want to bring people down to their level of sadness and bitterness…there is ABSOLUTELY no value to gain there.

I mean.. that’s just common sense right? There is no need to give a life coaching courses lesson on that.

One sure way of knowing whether the criticism levelled against you is fair or not is by seeing how many people are saying the same thing.

If that is the case then you better look into what they are talking about and fix it.

This is what Hootsuite did with their new update.

Ahh hootsuite…. the main thing that i wanted to show you in today’s edition of life coaching courses.

Hootsuite is a social media managing software and they have a had a lot of complaints regarding their Interface design.

Some were pretty harmless and some were well, not really nice.

So they did two things that were absolutely admirable.

Listen to this carefully. This is the thing that I want you to take away from this article.

  1. They listened to the criticism and made the changes to their interface.
  2. They USED those harsh comments in an extremely humorous way as a weapon.

You can checkout the video at the end of today’s life coaching courses.

The Late Night TV Show Host Jimmy Kimmel has this super, super hilarious segment called “Celebrity Mean Tweets” where celebrities read out mean tweets that people send them.


Like I said…hilarious :D.

So they used this format…and made ONE GEM of an ad promoting their new update

Check it out.

Here is another amazing example:

How Hertz and Avis can help you boost your life coach salary.


Hertz is the number one car rental service in the world and Avis is second.

Everybody knows that which is why whenever Avis came out with an ad where they were saying stuff like “Finest in rent-a-cars”, it fell a bit flat.

Because everyone knew that Hertz was the best and it just seemed very dishonest.

But then, Avis came up with a brainwave…

You see they did the same thing that Hootsuite did…

(And, in case you are keeping count, that is lesson #3 is today’s life coaching courses!)

Instead of trying to fight criticism and desperately shedding its “Second Best” tag…why not embrace it?

Why not use criticism as a weapon?

So they came up with this tagline “Avis is only No. 2 in rent-a-cars. So why go with us? We try harder.”



Simple, self-deprecating, humorous and clever.

And sales boomed…in fact they rose to the highest in 13 years!!!

THAT is clever.

That is using criticism in the right way.

As a lesson and as a weapon.

That’s the moral of today’s life coaching courses lesson..

Keep that in mind whenever someone criticises your life’s work harshly.

In fact…thank them for giving you a weapon!

Tell them “Why thank you for making me stronger!!”

Anyway…I have soaked in enough nostalgia for the day…just one last look:


The pool where we had a little party shortly after the seminar.

Ya…that’s it..enough nostalgia…enough living in the past..

It’s time to conquer the present!!

Oh, Hootsuite has another amazing ad where they basically show what they are all about. If you are a “Game of Thrones” nut like are gonna love this!!


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