Life Coach Training Online Part 2: Following up on Webinars

Life Coach Training Online: How to nurture your prospects

I was in Ubud, Bali for a friend’s birthday.

And today I finally caught up with her.

We met up in the Monkey Forest Temple.


Monkey Forest Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman and it is basically situated in a forest that is FULL of monkeys.

I mean there are monkeys EVERYWHERE. It is kinda ridiculous yet beautiful at the same time.

And for some reason the monkeys here are really friendly and easy going (see one more thing you learned in part 2 of the life coach training online series!! And we’ve only just begun).

Anyway, my friend was telling me that she had been regularly practicing Acro-Yoga and proceeded to demonstrate a move for us.


And as you can see, a monkey decided to drop by and say “Hi”!!!

Lately, I have been reading up on Acro-Yoga because, in my admittedly limited knowledge of the art form, I feel it is the toughest form of yoga.

I mean not only should you be fit enough to pull it off in the first place but you must have one more thing… and that is what i want you to understand in today’s edition of “life coach training online”.


Complete and absolute trust in your partner to pull off any of the asanas.

That’s also one of the most important lessons as you learn how to be a life coach.

Now it may look like that the person on the top has the harder job but actually it is all about the person who is at the bottom.

That person is the one who is supporting and balancing the weight of the person who is on top.

That person is providing the base for the other person to fly away.

Kinda poetic, don’t you think?

And this form of trust is critical for us to foster any and every kind of relationship and no life coach training online program will tell you that.

Think about it.

Think about your relationship with your clients.

If they don’t have any trust in you, if they don’t have that kind of whole hearted blind faith, how do you expect them to indulge in your coaching program?

Today, what I am going to talk about is trust and building relationships.

I understand, but how will that help in my life coach training.

In fact, let’s go even deeper.

Let’s go into the, as i like to call it, meat of today’s life coach training online lesson.

Today, I am going to talk about building trust and relationships with your HIGH-END CLIENTS and how to get more of them.

So how do you get a High-End Client?

Think about this.

You just gave a webinar and you have loads of interesting things to share and lots of value to give.

But instead of doing that, you are spending a significant amount of time marketing yourself and trying to sell your products.

You will REEK of desperation if you do that!…Certified life coach or not!

Even if you have a genuinely good program, no one will buy it because the marketing skills that you have used are hokey and cheesy.

Just giving you the plain hard truth here.


Trust me. I have been there and it wasn’t until I hear one or two of my webinars and realized how hokey I sounded that I had this realization.

People are never going to care if you try way too hard to market something…(subtlety is what really matters nowadays).

So, this is what you should do to get those high-end clients:

  1. Get your prospective clients to fill in an application and book in an appointment with you.
  2. Speak with them one on one and answer all of their queries.

There is nothing like a personal touch to really seal the deal.

If there is anything that you should learn from today’s life coach training online lesson then let that be it.

That’s all that is required, really.

When people see that you are making a genuine effort to connect with them and trying to solve their problems, then they WILL respond.

That is all that matters.

Getting them to fill in an application and fix an appointment time with you is the easy part.

The real toughie comes next.

How do you convince them to take your program?

This is a very important weapon that you must have in your coaching arsenal.

And it will be irresponsible of me to just mention it in passing in this article.

I have a sequence of 5 emails that is designed to get you those high end clients when you are having one-on-one time with them.

These emails contain questions which are designed to build a burning curiosity and want among your prospective clients for your coaching program.

And all that you have to do in order to get them is to:

  1. Hit Reply.
  2. Type “Show me the Sequence”.
  3. And then send the email to me!!

So, to summarize:

Book in a one on one session… use the content from my 5 emails that I will send you.

And BOOM, get your high-end clients.

Sounds easy enough?

Well…it is 😀


“If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.”

See you on the next edition of the life coach training online series.

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