Life Coach Training Online Part 3: Never feel guilty about charging money


Life Coach Training Online:You’ve nothing to feel guilty about.

So for the past few days I have been chilling in Bali.

Bali is one of the most beautiful and important islands in Indonesia. And seriously, it’s still so exotic and beautiful everytime I see it. I mean, I have lived in Indonesia for quite a few months now, but still…having grown up in London, England… it’s still very, very outlandish to me.

Trust me, life coach training online courses teaches you to be adaptable, but still some things need to be experienced firsthand I guess.

So, if you feel like coming to Indonesia soon, one thing you get to learn very fast is that Indonesians love them some rice…and Bali is basically covered with rice fields.

And ALL of them are gorgeous!!

Yup that’s me riding an ATV (all terrain vehicle) through a rice field in the pic above!

It was a truly surreal experience to ride through these beautiful lush green fields. And this is one of the reasons why I love Bali 🙂

So as I was riding the ATV, I was thinking about my own thinking pattern that has changed since the first time I started up in the business.

Back then, I would not have rented an ATV and I would have looked down on it as a waste of money…

In fact, I hated the very idea of charging clients for my services… and no life coach training online course really covers this aspect does it?

Because, you see, the idea of charging someone to help them disgusted me.  I thought that I was prostituting my coaching.

Basically like many coaches, I wanted to make an impact, I didn’t want to make money.

I had this noble idea of helping as many people as I can instead of making money…because that’s what life coach training online courses tell you to do right?

Well…that’s where I was wrong.


The problem with most coaches and life coach training online courses… and that’s how I was when in the beginning (the early days of Saifai Dating) is that they focus only on the impact that they will have and not on the money.

And here is where the problem begins.

You see, when you don’t care about money and you don’t want to make money, the money doesn’t care about you either!

That is Manifestation 101. When you don’t want or care about something, the universe conspires to make sure that you don’t get that either.

Its so integral…yet most life coach training online don’t cover this topic at all.

You don’t care about not making money and you will never get any big money opportunities.


Ask yourself

Why Do You Coach?

Why are you reading this “Life Coach Training Online” series?

I am guessing it’s because you want to help as many people as possible…right?

That’s why why you are undertook life coach training right?


So now tell me this:  When will you be helping more people and making a bigger impact?

When you could talk to a stadium full of 10,000 people?


When you talk to 2 or 3 people in a little room?

The answer is obviously the first one.

But here is the catch… you will NEVER and I mean NEVER be able to do that if you repel all the money making opportunities away!!

Here is the thing.

And I want you to remember this:

Money Motivates Opportunities.

If there is one thing that you takeaway for this part of the life coach training online series then let that be it.

In our business there are certain people called “GateKeepers”.

What are Gatekeepers?

They are companies like Success Resources and Learning Annex.

What do they do?

They assemble coaches from all around the world and organize Talks and Seminars to humongous audiences.

And guess what, these Gatekeepers will NEVER pay any attention to you IF you don’t attract them to you.

And you will never do that if you are not making money!

That’s plain and simple and bitter truth of it all.

Whoah! Things got too intense there.

Its that part in our life coach training online series… i have been waiting for this..



D’awww what a cute little furball of joy!!

Done? Cool… now back to the life coach training online series.

But ya, the point is that you will never make the impact you want to make if you do not allow big money opportunities to come towards you.

So today I am going to tell you exactly how you can do that.

I am going to tell you: How you can turn your coaching into an inspirational Business which does at least $4000- $5000 a month.

And this is no gimmick.. I am giving you proven results here. (We don’t do gimmicks here in the life coach training online series.)

You see I am giving you proven results of my clients here, and sometimes (albeit in very rare cases) some even made up to $15000 a month!!

Here is the deal.. What if I tell you that in the next 30 new days I can get you 20 new clients?

I have met so many coaches who have gotten themselves a seriously bad reputation because of the way they were trying to bring in clients, like spamming their friends’ Facebook inbox with messages or handing out fliers not knowing that around 90% people just throw the flier away the moment they get them.

Here is the thing.

You cannot afford to run your coaching as a hobby.


That’s right Vader….No


You HAVE to run it as a business.  This is something that I learnt from my mum.

You see… going back again to my initial days when I was running Saifai dating I had invested$100k just in capital. I was doing some part time jobs to pay my bills.

I had a great team and an awesome program.


I didn’t know how to run it as a business.

As a result I got ONLY $25k as a return on my $100k investment.

So, one day when I was at my mom’s place, she asked me just how long was I going to treat my coaching as a hobby and when was I ever going to treat it as a business? Just when was I going to get really serious and focus on running it properly?

There is a great Adam Davies quote: All successful coaches have great business minds in their heads.

And isn’t that true?

Look at Tony Robbins or Les Brown and of course Robert Kiyosaki..

They are all amazing businessmen and treat their coaching as their businesses.

So I started reading up on all that I can get my hands on..

I learnt:

  1. How to create a great email opt in for my list.
  2. Most importantly how to get clients using funnels.
  3. Create engaging headlines

And a host of other things.

And before you know it.. I got 20 new long term clients in a space of 3 weeks.

1 of those clients actually got married and was expecting a child a year after joining me.

That is the reason why I do this, knowing that through me a person has changed his life and become so much happier.

And that definitely wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t running my coaching as a business.

This is a big thing that I have learnt in my journey thus far:


Learn how to be a life coach who is paid what they are worth.


Because know this…For every dollar that you make, somebody’s life is being transformed.

Focus on both Making money and having an impact.

Having this mindset is the biggest reason why today, I get to drink coconut water while watching something like this!!!!


Bali in all its divine beauty!!

In our business they are both sides of the same coin… one cannot exist without the other!

If you haven’t created enough money then you simply haven’t impacted a lot of people in the world.. it’s as simple as that.

So what I am giving you today is all my methods and research that made me turn my coaching program into a thriving business earning me $4k-$5k a month.

Here I will tell you:

  1. How to set up a coaching business you can run from anywhere in the world.
  2. How to get 20 new long term clients in just 3 weeks.
  3. The 8 step process that is going to completely revolutionize your coaching.
  4. How to use Facebook effectively to get clients.
  5. Packaging your coaching to make it look beautiful and to attract more clients.
  6. And of course, making money and leaving an impact.

So, take a deep breath…


Ok…not that deep

Don’t worry. I will wait.. do it..

This is the moment.. this is it… this is where you are going to change your life forever.

The Elite Coaches Mastermind is the most comprehensive coaching program that you will ever need to start with your coaching. This will GREATLY cut down on your learning curve and get you up and running in no time.

It literally is my life’s work.. and I have given it everything.. 🙂

See you on the next edition of the Life Coach Training Online series.


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