Life Coach Training Online Part 1: Freedom

Life Coach Training Online Part 1: Freedom life coach freedom


Life coach training online: How to coach from anywhere in the world.

I am sure you have heard this story before.

The story about how you are supposed to work a mundane job for 9 hours a day to make enough money to feed your family?

Trust me.. most people who do life coach training online have the same story.

The story about how, if you just save about enough money then maybe one day, when you are 65, you will be able to do everything that you have always wanted to do?

The story about how it doesn’t matter how happy you are? How all that matters is that you finish all your paperwork, sitting in a cubicle, which slowly leeches on your soul, just so you can go back home and watch trashy reality TV while eating your dinner?

Hi I am Sai and I am writing part 1 of the life coach training online series to tell why all that is garbage.

Bryan Cranston, after winning his 4th acting award, in the 2014 Emmys gave this heartfelt speech.

What truly resonated with me, and I am pretty sure it will resonate with you as well was the final segment of his speech.  He says:

“I want to dedicate this award to all the Sneaky Petes of the world who thought that maybe settling for mediocrity was a good idea because it is safe. Don’t do it. Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion. Rekindle it and fall in love all over again. It’s really worth it!”

Read that again.

Soak it in.

Isn’t that really what it is all about!?

Isn’t this what the first step of life coach training should be?

There are no life coach training online training modules that will tell you that…it comes from within.

Now in this aspect I have good news for all of you!

You have already found that passion!!

If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

You wouldn’t be reading the part 1 of the life coach training online series now would you?

You wouldn’t be actively trying to improve yourself.

You want to be a great coach!

You want to be a true elite!


I will take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and my journey so far.

Hoo boy it hasn’t been an easy path to travel! Especially the early days!

No amount of life coach training online courses can prepare you for that…trust me.

I used to run a dating company back in the day, called: Saifai Dating.

Our motive was to teach men and women how to approach, connect and attract with anyone anytime and anywhere. And, trust me when I tell you this, I struggled and struggled BAD initially.

Why was that?

Was I doing a bad job?

Apparently not because I have many emails from happy couples telling me how they have found each other because of me!! J

So then….what was it!!??

I lost countless nights of sleep mulling over this problem when suddenly one day, out of the blue…


It hit me.

It was one of those “Eureka Moments” and it was so obvious that I was like “Well…duh!”

Realizing this problem has not only made me convert my $200 business into a $103k one in just 8 months but also it has helped me expand further and beyond.

In short, this one realisation put me in the path to make me who I am today.

It taught me how to be a life coach

Sounds like hyperbole…but I think its true.

Since then I have trained OVER 1450 coaches on how to change their coaching passions into profitable business.

This small change has made me live the lifestyle I had always wanted to live!

Need proof?

This is the place from where I am writing this mail right now!

Look at that view!!!


Not bad for a guy who doesn’t even have a college degree right!?

So why am I typing this article?


 To give back as much as I possibly can.

I don’t want you all to struggle as much as I had to struggle in the beginning.

I have no interest in “cutting any deals” with you.

I am interested in having a relationship with you.

I am interested in you reaching your full potential!

You have given me your precious time. Now sit back and relax and allow me to take you on this beautiful and fulfilling journey.

As Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine says at the end of Casablanca:

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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