Life Coach Training Online Part 5: Building relationships with your clients

Life Coach Training Online Part 5: Building relationships with your clients life coach clients


Life Coach Training Online: You will never succeed as a coach if you don’t do this

This was one of the greatest moments of my life!

This was my ex-student Dom’s wedding day!

I am so, so proud of him.

In case you didn’t know already, I was in Perth, Australia for Dom’s wedding.

He happens to be an ex-student of my Dating Program.

So, as you can imagine, this day was extremely emotional for me.

You see… I was kicked out of Australia sometime back because of some VISA issues.

To actually come back after so many years and to be rewarded with this sight…well, what can I say..I truly am blessed!

As you can see, the wedding was an interesting affair.

They had a fusion theme going on mixing western and Indian cultures since the bride’s Indian.

It truly was a beautiful wedding to look at.

But the underlying theme made this occasion that much more special!


Yup…that was how I pretty much felt that time!!

So anyway this pretty much brings me to what I wanted to talk about.

I feel a great load being removed from my shoulders as I share this whole “Australian saga” with you.

I, at least on my part, feel that I have gotten a lot closer to you after telling all that I had to go through and how I had to fight back.

That is so important!

Our profession begins and ends with making emotional connections.

Certified Life Coach or not…you can’t make it if you don’t understand that.

If you cannot make emotional connections with other people then you shouldn’t be in this business.

Btw…before I continue…here is a little puppy teabagging a cat


So having simulated your cute buds

Let’s continue!

So…what is one of the most efficient ways of establishing a meaningful connection with your clients?

Sharing with them bits and pieces of your life and various heartfelt epiphanies!

After all…the only thing that can make a connection deep is if it comes straight from the heart!

Because of the internet we are now closer to each other than ever in recorded human history.

I mean… thank GOD for the internet!

Can you imagine how hard Life Coach Training would have been without it?

Can you imagine how hard it must have been for coaches of days gone by to have had a meaningful relationship with their clients?

They had to publish actual books to share articles like the “life coach training online” series!

To even nurture them must have been an absolute pain!

But not anymore!

Now you have blogs, articles, emails, Facebook…so many different ways to constantly keep in touch with your clients.

In this article though…I want to talk about Blogs..since according to me…nothing feels more personal than a blog post.

Blog post fills more like a diary entry, something that is deeply personal.

You see there are many things that you know about me via my articles. The fact that I love to travel, I adore Skeletor and of course my irrational fear of tellytubbies.



I need to rinse my eyes out after seeing that.


The point is that you all have had a glimpse inside me to know who I really am.

I, for my part, feel comfortable with that since that is what will help me to establish a relationship with you… a deep, meaningful relationship.

And that’s what the final part of the Life Coach Training Online series is all about…relationships.

Now blog posts though….I somehow feel that they can take that relationship even deeper.

I, for example, write my blog posts when I feel especially inspired or really vulnerable.

(Note: Yup all these life coach training online series blogs comes from that place)

When I am in that state, what comes out is truly heartfelt.

So when I share that on my blogs, I feel like I am sharing a part of my soul.

Apart from establishing relationships, blogs are also a brilliant way to drive traffic to your website!

So stop thinking and start doing.

Start working on your blogs TODAY.

Maybe work on your own series of life coach training online articles? (Why not?)

You don’t have to do everything at once…just take it step by step!

Anyway…did I tell you I was the emcee?



It was something that I hadn’t done before and it truly felt pretty novel!

Anyway…just a few more days and it is goodbye Australia!

I think I might do some rock climbing at this sweet spot Dom was telling me about.

This is the final instalment in the “Life Coach Training Online” series.

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