Life Coach Training Online Part 4: Understanding the law of attraction.

Life Coach Training Online Part 4: Understanding the law of attraction. life coach attraction


Life Coach Training Online: Learn how to use the law of attraction

Today I am gonna focus your attentions on….YOU.

This article is all about you and about you being the BEST version of YOURSELF.

So as I sit here in my villa typing the next part in the life coach training online series for you..

Allow me to put both of us in a time machine and go back in time.


Indeed you are

The year is 1964 and a monster of a man named Sonny Liston was ruling as the Boxing Heavyweight champion of the world.

He was a ferocious, ferocious fighter having defeated the former Champion, the great Floyd Patterson via a first round knockout – the first time a heavyweight title had ever changed hands via that method.

He was an unstoppable force of nature, so much so that the journalists at that time were saying that he was bad for the sport because there was no way he could ever be beaten.

Imagine that!!


Those arms could strangle a dragon and those eyes could stare down a rabid werewolf

Everyone thought he was indestructible…everyone that is except for a young 21 year old who was the next contender for the belt.

Now, no one gave this young man a chance, his boxing style was too loose, he was too over confident, he was too inexperienced and they gave a plethora of other reasons.

On top of that, he was so brash and cocky that he was generally disliked by everyone..but, of course, that didn’t matter to him.

So, the day of the fight came and our young contender was a 7 to 1 underdog…7 to 1!!

But something strange happened in the fight…

This young man didn’t just beat the champion, he MAULED him for 7 full rounds after which Liston’s corner gave up and didn’t continue the fight.

Imagine that!  This beast of a champion was beaten up SO bad he couldn’t physically continue the fight!!

That young man became a champion and eventually became the greatest athlete of the 20th century.

You may have heard of him…his name is Muhammad Ali.

Now on the hindsight we know how great he was but at that time no one gave him a chance.  He was burned at the metaphorical stake by journalists all over.

Any other man would have crumbled…but not Ali.

What was the difference between others and him?

He had pure unshakeable belief in himself.  He knew that he was the best.  He knew that he was the greatest.

And by God no one was ever going to change that for him.

So let’s hear from the great man himself.


Doesn’t matter if you are a certified life coach…you can’t learn that belief.


Such was his confidence, such was his belief and that’s why Muhammad Ali became Muhammad Ali

It’s practically impossible for me to overstate how important your belief system is… YOU become what you think you are…that’s what I want to understand at the end of today’s life coach training online series.

Imagine a flower, without a stalk and a stem it would merely fly away…fluttering away into nothingness.  The stalk and stem keep it rooted while it blossoms into a beautiful being.

You are the flower and your beliefs are your stalk and stem.

So let me tell you about the reason why I am writing today’s life coach training online article in the first place…manifestation

What exactly is manifestation?

Manifestation means making something come true mainly through your belief systems.

Your BELIEFS makes you who you are.

If you have toxic beliefs you become a toxic human being.  If you have powerful and positive beliefs, you become a powerful and a positive person.

Remember that when you are done reading today’s edition of the life coach training online series.

In my best coaching program,  the one that I have literally poured my heart and soul into  – the Elite Coaching Mastermind –  the very first module is about “Manifestation”.

That is how important manifestation has been for me and will be for you. I simply cannot overstate this enough.


Now I realize that you may not have the time to focus on yourself anymore.

Hell… I struggled with this a lot in the initial days.. especially before I started delegating things.

But then I realised WHY this is so important.  I realized why I must have a daily ritual set only for myself.

And if i hadn’t realised that then…there is nooo way I would be here writing these life coach training online series of articles for you.

I practice some daily rituals every single day.

Hell… this is an epiphany that I had in the Komodo Island that I want to share with you.

Btw, you can read more about my adventures what all I have learnt through my travels in my blog.

I have immense gratitude for all that I have received so far… and I want to achieve so much more before I pass on.

Becoming a life coach without gratitude is impossible.


To this day, I maintain a journal where I write down my beliefs and goals and everything that I have immense gratitude for.

Let me give you a sneak peek:


Going through this journal and writing all of my goals and beliefs in them keeps me rooted to who I am and what I want to do and what legacy I want to leave for myself.

I wasn’t doing that when I was way too busy and not paying attention to myself and I confess I got lost a little bit.

But you know, as the lyrics of “Eye Of The Tiger” from the Rocky movies say

“So many times it happens too fast

You TRADE your passion for glory

Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past

You must fight just to keep them alive”

Don’t ever let go of your dreams and your beliefs, they make you unique and they make you special.

It’s funny that now as I talk about it,  I am reminded of this special moment that I shared with my clients in the Mastermind session…and something I want to share with everyone who is reading the life coach training online series.

The last Mastermind Session took place in Canggu Bali. I had booked the beautiful Elang Villa for the session. It was just an enriching and fulfilling experience that I shared with these wonderful people that day.

We had people coming over from Sydney, Singapore, London , California,  literally all over the world in one place sharing ideas and making their lives better.

So, on the 3rd day of the Mastermind session we had an “Agni Hotra”. A Balinese Fire Healing Ceremony.


That’s everyone from the Mastermind sitting along with a Balinese Hindu Priest waiting for the ceremony to begin.

So what happens in the ceremony is that the Priest gives offerings of rice and ghee (clarified butter) and chants Sanskrit mantras.

Mantras are basically lines that one says in order to install a belief deep inside them.

Saying these mantras over and over again installs a sense of belief and clarity in the participants.

That is a form of manifestation!!! Our forefathers had it all sorted now, didn’t they!!

Everyone came out of this ceremony feeling relieved, stress-free and with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to achieve their goals.

It was a truly magical experience something that I hope to share with everyone reading these series of “life coach training online” articles.

So, now you know why it’s important to have a daily ritual and to write your belief systems down in a journal. Why you need to write down your goals and your feelings of gratitude regularly.

See you on the final edition of the Life Coach Training Online series.

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