Coach Life #4: Life coach market


Coach Life: Wanna Know Who Made Money During the Gold Rush?

I want to share something with you that is an extremely important moment for me:

This was a defining moment in my coach life.

In the pic above you can see my two Australian Visas.

The one on my right is my new one.

The one on my left though…..sigh…

If you may remember…I was kicked out from Australia years back…

My agent messed up my Visa…and what resulted from that tragedy was:

  1. I was shipped out to Bali.
  2. All of my possessions were for a laptop, a microphone and some chump change.
  3. My dating company got killed.

Not to make matters more sour…

I thought I will have to give up on all my dreams of being a personal coach.

But at that point the only thing that could have made my life more sadder was if I was forced to shoot my now rabid but once beloved dog by my own hands.


Come on..admit it.

We all cried in this scene.

In fact…I still cry whenever I watch this.

So anyway…here I was in Bali…with almost nothing to my name.

And I realized that I had to start something from nothing.

Luckily, I learnt one age old lesson while hemming my Dating company.

I realized the importance of knowing where to start.

It is THE most important tool one needs to start up his or her own company.

It is sad when I see how people don’t even know how to start their coaching business.

Well…. To add more context to my answer…let me tell you a short story.

The year: Mid 1800s

The Place: California

Mid 1800s was a weird, weird time.

You see…long story short

This group of workers accidentally found some gold in the “American River” in California.

News spread like wildfire and before you knew it…people from all over the country settled down in California hoping to strike gold.

Some of them made it and some of them didn’t.

But that’s not who I am concerned with.

I am concerned with this smart, savvy group of people who made TONS of money during the gold rush.

Were they lucky to strike loads of gold?

Hell no…they didn’t even bother looking for any.

What they did do was…they sold picks, spades and clothes to these miners who were here to look for gold!!

They provided them with things that these miners were desperate to possess.

How ingeniously is that!!

Instead of leaving everything to luck and wasting hours scouring through rivers, hoping to bump into some gold nuggets.

Instead of that they acted like smart businessmen.

I will give you an example.

Have you heard of Levi Strauss??

Of course you have…the man behind one of the world’s leading jeans brands.

Where do you think he made his fortune?


Smart isn’t it?

He marketed his jeans as something that the miners should wear for comfort while they are digging away.

They don’t teach you that in any coaching academy now do they?

Reading about the California Gold Rush made me learn one valuable lesson.

Your program is very important but it is not half as important as your audience.

If you can remember one thing from today’s entry to the Coach Life series then let it be this:

The market triumphs all.

(Note: I realise that “The market” is an extremely insensitive way to refer to your audience…but it helped me prove a point there.)

So when I was sitting in my cheap hotel room in Bali back there…as soon as I started working…I didn’t even panic once.

Because I knew where I should start…

And I had the tool to help me interact with huge groups of people at once without even moving an inch.

You guessed it.


I simply cannot stress enough about this.

Social Media has made living the coach life SOOOOO much better.

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for me to bounce back from nothing just like 20 years back?

I know that I would have still made something of myself but it would have taken a MUCH, MUCH longer time.

Now even more than interacting with groups of people…what really helped me the most was knowing their pain points.

In the coach life the more you can empathise with your niche the more you can thrive.

I had the idea of Sai.Coach back then in my head. I knew that that was what I was going to do next.

But I still had no structure at all…I needed to modulate my program.

And for that I NEEDED to know certain pain points.

As in..what all problems are my potential clients going through and how am I going to tackle that.

Now Facebook has this amazing “Facebook Groups” concept.

Basically, groups of people, with similar problems or passions, convening at one place…all who want to live the coach life.

There they air their problems and all that you have to do was to sit and compile them and introduce them to my program.

But that’s still not it!!

There is more 😀

No points for guessing…it is promotion.

Facebook provides you with a cheap and a highly effective way to promote your program.

There really is nothing else like it in the world!!

I shudder to think what would have happened to me if it wasn’t for Facebook!!

Living the coach life would have been a distant memory.

So anyway…here is the interview that I had with Techinasia about how I got back to my feet after that visa debacle:

Check it out.


See you on the next entry to the Coach Life series.

(I have no idea why I put the flip flop pic there…but it looks artsy I am told.)

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