Life coach jobs sins #4: Not using videos

Life coach jobs sins #4: Not using videos life coach sins


Life coach jobs sins: 4 ways to make killer videos.

Oh my…would you look at that?

I am in Jakarta, Indonesia sitting on the rooftop helipad of my apartment building.

That is one of my favourite places in the world to just sit and relax.

Today Mother Nature chose to reward me in this beautiful way as I sit down to type today’s instalment of the life coach jobs sins.

I truly do think that everything around us is connected in one or the other…because this pic just perfectly fits in with what I wanted to talk to you about today.

There is inspiration all around you.

And when you do manage to capture these moments of inspiration…that’s when magic happens.

You see, as coaches…our job is to inspire and motivate.

Your job is to capture your client’s imagination and fill them with awe.

And this is where the visual element comes in.

Ancient Rome can help you get a major boost in your life coach jobs salary.

You think I am kidding?

Let’s take some lessons here from one of the greatest orators in history now shall we?


That’s the incredible Marlon Brando playing the role of Mark Anthony.

In Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” Mark Anthony gives a rousing speech to the gathered masses to make them revolt against Caesar’s killers.

Now keep in mind that just before Anthony’s speech one of the main conspirators in the murder Brutus, an extremely respect noble, gave a speech and had appeared to win the crowd over.

In fact, the conspirators were all well known people.

So how did Anthony win the crowd over and made them revolt against these “Honourable Men”?

He did two main things:

  1. He appealed to their emotions instead of their logic.
  2. He made used of dramatic visual devices.

Point no. 1 is pretty self explanatory ….let’s explore point number 2.

In the middle of the speech when he had the commoners in the palm of his hand he used a very clever tactic to push them over the edge.

Caesar was lying in front of him all covered in blankets.

“Look you here” he cried and swept the blanket away forcing the shocked crowd to look at Caesar’s mutilated corpse.

He then proceeded to show them each and every wound on the body and telling them who was the one responsible for that stab wound.

That is some powerful visual stuff right there.

He played his audience like a fiddle and turned against against these powerful men via one timeless tool of oratory.

A powerful visual medium will influence and inspire people more than mere words ever could.

Companies that hire life coaches should start reading Shakespeare I guess!

And to Mark Anthony (actually Shakespeare but whatever) I have a request:


That was masterfully done.

So let’s learn something from this and utilize it in our business.

A few months back I went to this mind-blowing place called “The Pink Beach

Now just being there inspired me to make a video about something that I had wanted to talk about for a long time.

I had shared that video in my blog and you can check it out here.


Keeping in mind with what I wanted to say in that video (“Being remarkable”), I don’t think I could have made it as effective if I wasn’t surrounded by such a gorgeous place.

It just added more oomph to my sentences.

Of course I could have made that same video inside my apartment with a white board behind me but do you think it would have made that same impact?


Exactly… and what if I just wrote about it in a article like this or maybe a series like the “life coach jobs sins” ?

Would it have been as effective?

Hell no.

The reasons why videos will always be the most effective way to convey what you are saying are:

  1. More senses are involved: The sense of sight and hearing are both working at the same time. More senses = more involvement.
  2. Creating a sense of awe: If by some chance you in a gorgeous place like the pink beach, the place itself will add the “awe factor” to your video.
  3. It humanises you: Your clients can actually see you talking to them directly. You are no longer a mere stationery, over-photoshopped pic. You are humanised now.
  4. Body language: Body language conveys more than words ever can. Any normal conversation is 90% body language and 10% verbal words. So it adds more power to your videos.

Get that camera rolling next time you have life coaching jobs abroad!

And let’s face it…. After you nail an amazing video you pretty much feel like a boss!!


That guy knows what I am talking about!!

So ya… I hope you go through the videos in my blog.

Research them properly and start making your own videos…maybe even put them in your own life coach jobs sins series!!

I am looking forward to look at them myself!!

See you on the next edition of the Life Coach Jobs sins series.

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