Life coach jobs sins #5: Not dealing with leeches

life coach jobs sins


Life coach jobs sins: Keep the Yoko Onos away from yourself.

Ah what a beautiful sight!!

The view, not my face…

Anyway, it is what I call a “Classic Rock” kinda morning.

So, here I am sipping on my morning cup of tea (yes…I am a Londoner..lest you forget) and listening to some good old vintage rock..some Beatles, some Chuck Berry.

Its always nice to unwind and refocus before going back to your life coach jobs.

Speaking of Chuck and Beatles…they actually kinda fit beautifully into what I want to talk to you about today.

How to deal with people who leech off your life coach companies.

So first and foremost, let’s define a leech now, shall we?

A leech is someone who is in your life only to suck out value from you. A leech gives nothing in return and its only reason for existence is to take everything that it can from you before moving on and finding another victim…and sucking their life coach jobs dry

Ok, so I came across this while listening to a rant by the amazing Bill Burr.

Before I continue and tell you about the greatest leech in history and go even deeper and tell you about one of the leachiest of leachy moments in history, let me lay down the base for you.

(Btw, try saying that quickly 5 times in a row)

This is Chuck Berry…


Nothing much to say here…probably the most influential musician in the history of modern music…if there was no Chuck Berry, then, there would be no rock.

As simple as that.

And now, here is a guy who comes a close second when it comes to being the most influential modern musician ever:


Yup, John Lennon.

So, one day, on live TV, Chuck Berry and John Lennon decided to perform together.

And that should have been the greatest moment in music history, right?

Two legends performing “Memphis Tennessee”, I mean there is absolutely no way anyone can ruin this right?


Oh, come on…you know how this goes…of course we can’t have nice thing!!

Of course, it was ruined.

In fact, if one pic could perfectly capture why this moment was ruined, then this is it:


There is John, and there is Chuck.


And why the hell does she have a mic?!

Why the hell is she singing or whatever the hell she does that she calls singing!!

URGH.Yoko Freaking Ono.

No seriously, check out the video yourself:

She has no talent, no seriously, let’s be honest here. Yet, there she is, on stage performing with two of the greatest musicians ever, adding nothing…absolutely NOTHING to the performance.

The only reason why she was on stage was because she was John Lennon’s wife.

And the worst part is that she had the gall to actually hold the mic and wail into it.

No seriously…don’t take my word for it…just checkout Chuck Berry’s reaction to her “singing”:


History has not been kind to Yoko Ono…she is, more often than not, the most reviled figure in music history.

I mean here is the thing…if it wasn’t for her…the Beatles would still be together.

That’s how much of a leech she was.

She just took and took and took and took from John Lennon and gave little to no value in return…

Leeches will suck your life coach salary dry.

(I am strictly speaking musically here… I am not talking about their private life).

PHEW!! Rant over!!

Now I understand that I am being a little harsh here…but here is what you have to realize…you have to realize how detrimental leeches can be…especially to your life coach jobs… they will suck everything dry.

Yes, they are usually your friends…and you are supposed to be nice to your friends, right?

Of course, you should but here is the thing, if you cannot be a little selfish then everyone is going to burn you out.

You should make proper boundaries and be very strict on what is right and what isn’t …especially when it comes to social interaction.

Trust me you don’t need a Yoko Ono in your life.

Here is a video of me talking about dealing with leeches:

See you on the next edition of the Life Coach Jobs sins series.

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