How To Deal With Leeches

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Hear Me Talk About How To Deal With Leeches

While in the middle of a monkey mayhem

This is you’re your on schedule (well a couple of days late) professor SAI BLACKBYRN reporting from monkey forest in Ubud, BALI.

Its monkey mayhem here… Hence the name Monkey Forest.

Another leaf from the booklet of Wisdom Wednesday

In this video I talk about: How To Deal With Leeches – Time Wasters

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Sai Blackbyrn

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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Leeches

  1. Definitely agree on your message about leeches. It is one thing that everyone should be careful of, for there are people in our world who do not care at all about you but only to take advantage of what they can get even to the expense of destroying people.

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