What is confidence coaching?

Confidence coaching helps anyone who is tied down and stuck by their lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and fear. As a confidence coach, you will empower your clients by challenging their doubts and perceptions that is holding them back in a meaningful and constructive way.

What does a confidence coach do?


A confidence coach takes you out of your shell and comfort zone and guides you along to your desired place. Because people usually are so used to their comfort zone (no matter how self-destructive that comfort zone is), a confidence coach must have patience and help their clients get unstuck slowly.

Why people hire a confidence coach?


There are a lot of reasons why people may hire a confidence coach:

  • They are tired of living a mediocre life and want to have the confidence of venturing outside their comfort zone.
  • They want to become better leaders.
  • They want the courage to go and speak to strangers. (This is especially true for speaking with someone of the opposite sex.)
  • They don’t want their lives to be governed by crippling insecurity.
  • They are scared of speaking up and are terrified of talking in front of large groups of people.
  • They have very low self-esteem and want to feel empowered.

Should you become a confidence coach?

In my honest opinion there are only two kinds of people who are eligible to become confidence coaches:

  • People who are naturally confident and have never had any issues with confidence in their life.
  • People who had severe confidence issues in the past and somehow changed their lives around for the better.

If you are one of these two, then perfect.

Along with that, you must have the patience and empathy required for the task. Remember, your clients may get frustrating at time but you cannot react to that.

Apart from all this, it is critical for a confidence coach to have business acumen. Let me be very honest with you. If you do not have a business in place then you simply won’t cut it as a coach.

Imagine having so much value to give and not having the means to give it because of the lack of a coaching business.

Thankfully, you don’t need to go to a B-School to run a coaching business. All that you have to do is to follow some tried and tested templates which will help create your coaching business from scratch with very little intervention from your side.

Does that intrigue you?

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What essential skills do you need to be a confidence coach?


Goes without saying that as a confidence coach you need to exude an aura of confidence. You MUST walk the talk and practice what you preach. You must be the role model that your clients can aspire to.

Building Rapport

Usually, your clients will be very shy and they won’t want to open up as much. You must make them feel comfortable enough to let them open up. The way you can do that is by building rapport with your clients and making them relate to you.


As I have said, your clients will be very shy and not want to open up. On top of that, they will be so used to their comfort zone that they may not follow your tips. They may even tend to have self-destructive qualities which can get very infuriating.

In situations like that you need to be absolutely patient and non-judgmental. You must empathize and understand where they are coming from. You cannot be judgmental because they are all used to being judged and looked down on by others. You must treat them with a loving yet firm hand.

Strategizing and being realistic

Obviously, it goes without saying that having the knack of strategizing and giving your clients a workable plan to follow is critical for any coach. If they don’t follow your plan then you also need to have the courage to give them a healthy dose of reality as and when required. Be loving but don’t tolerate mediocrity.

How much is a confidence coach salary?

I have said this so many times now that it has sort of become a running theme. There are two kinds of confidence coaches in the world:

  • The type that gets paid what they are worth.
  • The type who don’t get paid anywhere close to the value they bring in.

There is really no “middle ground” for confidence coaches..it is either very good or very bad.

For reference, check out this study by payscale:

You see the difference in total pay?

$26,884 and $204,981??

Why is there such a big difference?

It is simple…coaches don’t know what they are worth.

More often, because they don’t have a business in place to bring in a steady flow of clients, they get so desperate that they sign in just about any one.

These clients are usually low value and they do not respect the coaching that they are getting and they always try to haggle for lower prices.

More often than not, the coaches do succumb and accept ridiculously low prices.

This is the reason why coaches get paid so less and that is the reason why there is such huge difference.

The solution to this is high ticket clients.

What are high ticket clients and how can you get them on a consistent basis?

Just read on and you find out more when in my free webinar down below.

Do you need confidence coach certification?

No, you don’t.

What you need is to be a confident role model that your clients can look upto and emulate. Coaching is an intensely personal experience and it can vary from person to person. An institute which teaches you how you “should” coach completely kills the individuality.

You have to create your own personal style and no institute can teach you that.

However, having said that I can’t deny that there are some benefits to getting accredited. Firstly, it builds credibility for beginner coaches. Secondly, and more importantly, it shows you how a coaching business really works.

But then that begs a question.

Would you waste so much time and money to get certification only to know how a business works or do you want to actually create a business?

Well… what if I told you that you can get all the tools you will need to create your confidence coaching business in my free webinar?

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Are you ready to become a confidence coach?

Yes, you are, you have read this entire article and that shows me that you are serious about taking this next step.

However, this is where I have to be a little on the nose with you.

I know that you are motivated and that is truly inspiring. You were motivated enough to read this entire article after all. This shows me that you are serious about becoming a confidence coach.

However, like we have discussed in various sections above, you cannot become a confidence coach by just “wanting” to become it. There are two things that one must do to achieve their dreams: VISION and ACTION.

You have the vision, because like I said, in your mind your are ready. But just that vision isn’t going to manifest into greatness because for the universe to reward you, you must take the required actions.

Vision without actions = A Pipedream.

So, what actions can you take right here and right now?

Take this action right now.

What I genuinely want for you right now is to know how to accelerate the creation of your coaching business. To aid you with that I have made this webinar specifically for you:

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