Get Clients Fast in 2020: Use Coaching Tools!

Get Clients Fast in 2020: Use Coaching Tools! coaching tools

Coaching tools can bring phenomenal growth in the client’s business if used the right way. These tools play a vital role in achieving continuous growth and sustainable success.

Coaching tools are more than questions and answers sessions with your clients.

Have you used coaching tools in your coaching sessions? Are you confused and wondering how can the tools benefit your clients?

I always feel you must first listen to your client’s problems and ask them the right questions. This way you can build great coaching relationships. You will get clarity about your client’s business and eventually achieve the set target.

But, there are many more tools that can scale up your client’s business to 6 figure earnings. Find out coaching tools to match the needs of the clients. Also, know-how in the best possible way you can use it to increase your earnings.

When I began my coaching business, I used quite a few coaching tools. These tools helped in connecting with a large number of people. What more, I could turn my small business into a big company.

In this article, I will share my experience and knowledge to help you understand a variety of coaching tools.

First of all, let us find out what is a coaching tool.

What is a coaching tool?

In simple words, coaching tools are forms, worksheets or exercises. A client can use it to move forward in their life. These involve different ideas through which your client learns something new. It enables them to take appropriate actions.

Each coaching tool covers a particular topic. You can match them with the clients’ situation. Next, you can observe things differently. It brings changes in their lives. I have seen many cases showing good results.

With my experience, I can say coaching tools are a supplement. This powers up the coaching relationship and conversation. It is like a doctor uses equipment to treat patients. Coaching tools are useful in treating problems of people.

One can use it during one-on-one coaching sessions. Coaching tools are also useful during workshops and seminars. I have used these tools as an opportunity to inform clients. Also, you can raise awareness about various ideas. These tools solidify the learnings of the client on one hand and your business on another hand.

The purpose of coaching tools is to explore the experience of your clients. I also use it for my clients to get fast results.

A coaching tool could be a coaching question or a journaling prompt. It can be a metaphor or a story. It can even include a multi-step personality assessment with questions to be answered.

Coaching tools include coaching exercises, forms, eBooks or guides.

Who uses life coaching tools?

Do you know besides coaches, which other industries also use coaching tools?

Coaching tools prove useful to a variety of health professionals. It involves counselors, therapists, and coaches.

So, these tools benefit many professionals and are very simple to use.

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Is coaching technique different from the coaching tool?

I have often seen people using coaching tools and coaching techniques in the same way. But there is a difference. Do you want to know the difference? Well, you can distinguish both in the following way.

Coaching tools works like a stethoscope. The way the doctor uses it, you can use the coaching tools. These tools act as equipment for coaches. It includes evaluation tools or 360degree interviews. You use coaching tools to grow your client’s business.

On the other hand, coaching techniques is the method to use coaching tools. You know you have to use a stethoscope but how to use is a technique. On the same line coaching technique works. It is an art that helps you to use coaching tools and that initiates growth in the business.

In my coaching business, I first list down all the essential tools. The coaching technique is the process that is used for the proper implementation of those tools.

Check the article by Forbes Coaches Council members on innovative tools and techniques every coach should use.

Importance of coaching tools to build a successful coaching business

Why use life coaching tools?

Running a coaching business can be challenging. I have faced a lot of roadblocks. But coaching tools helped me a lot.

Coaching as a career is both rewarding and challenging. We get to do meaningful work and help people grow. But the vast majority of us must also learn to run our own business.

Running your own coaching business requires a lot of hard work. There is so much task to perform and learn from it. But time disappears so fast.

This is where coaching tools have a role to play. The best part is that they save energy and time.

Also, it is useful in making decisions. For example, a question-answer session can help in getting other alternatives. Thus, you are channelizing people to do things that they can’t.

Top coaching tools that can help you to connect to your clients

Coaching tools play a vital role in building a bond between a coach and clients. It can go a long way in the development of your clients. This can help you to gain more happy clients. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s see what these tools are….

Wheel of life: One of the important coaching tools

The wheel of life tool is one of the most efficient and versatile tools for coaches. The tool is less complicated and easy-to-use. As a coach, you can find out which areas of the client’s lives are most satisfying. I have used this with my clients. With time they were able to focus on improving their quality of life.

Follow the below steps while using the tool:

There are eight categories mentioned on the wheel. You need to check as to what would represent a satisfying life in each area.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Friends & Family
  • Romance
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Spirituality
  • Work & Career
  • Money & Finance

Across every segment, you need to draw the lines. It is for showing the current level of satisfaction. The center of the wheel should be equal to 0 and the edge of the wheel should be equal to 10 which denotes the greatest level of satisfaction.

The result looks like a spider web. Clients get a brief idea of their life satisfaction versus desired life satisfaction.

Use communication tools to improve productivity

I use different technology Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger Voicemail for quick messages or communication.

New technologies are easy to use for communication purposes. The best part is I can share all kinds of information and get an instant reply from my clients.

The above communication tools are more personal in comparison to emails. These tools also enhance productivity by saving time and energy.

Communication is to the point. With technology, communication has become smooth and less time-consuming. People reach out to me globally through these communication tools.

Focus on areas of influence as a coaching tool

We often get lost or bogged down while moving towards our goals. It relates to areas which we need to look upon. You as a coach can help the client in the below areas of influence:

-Things your client can control

-Things your client can influence

-Things your client can’t influence

You as a coach can help your clients understand what they can control and influence. Also, what is not in their control. This exercise will bring clarity to their lives and their goals.

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Advise your clients to maintain a journal book

You can advise your clients to maintain journals. It is useful for many different reasons as a coaching exercise. Daily journaling leads to reflection.

It is a kind of exercise done to find ways to reach the client’s goals. Coaches could ensure that their clients’ journaling is helpful. How? A coach can provide some guidance on how to maintain a journal book.

Conduct brainstorming session as a coaching tool

The tool helps the client to come out of all kinds of tough situations.

It is simple too. This brainstorming session requires your client to fill a table having five columns.

As a coach, you have to ask your clients which actions or behaviors they would engage in or would like to engage in many times. You have to direct them to the appropriate column.

In the first column, clients have to write down the actions or behaviors they do not want to do anymore. These behaviors are not productive in achieving the goals.

In the second column, clients have to add activities that they would like to do less. These are activities that are sometimes helpful but time-consuming.

The middle column represents the actions or behaviors clients would love doing. Here clients mention things they enjoy or give them satisfaction. For example fitness activities, recreational activities, monthly travel, or spiritual activities.

The fourth column specifies what clients want to do more. For example, they want to engage in a fun and fulfilling activities more often.

The final or last column is the “start” column. Here clients should list the actions and behaviors they want to start soon. This can be anything that is helpful in reaching their goals. For example, a weekend trip or annual vacation for those who want to take a break from work. Also, meditation and yoga every week for somebody who is under a lot of stress.

Brainstorming will help your clients to get clarity about their actions and eventually achieve success.

Ask questions as coaching tools to identify goals

Questions are used to help clients figure out if their goals are meaningful. It helps clients to identify whether it is good to give time and energy to such goals. Also, it guides them to focus on their important goals.

In this exercise, the client needs to identify the top three current goals. A series of questions like-

Why do you want to achieve your goal?

What will you gain with the set target?

Is your goal worth your time?

And many more such questions will help them learn which goal is important to them.

Conduct first meeting one to one

This is an essential tool to begin a coaching relationship. Why? Because it answers two essential points: what the coach could offer and what the client desires.

There are a series of questions during the meeting which as a coach you can ask. For example “What’s going well?” and “What are they struggling with?” After the Q&A session, the coach and the client can decide the deadline. They agree to keep in touch and try to achieve the goals as per the deadline. The progress of the client is tracked on a timely basis.

Build strategies as a coaching tool

Firstly you need to identify the goals of your clients. Secondly, discuss and form strategies to support the goals.

Next, you have to track the progress of your clients. Also, find out how you can support your clients.

This is an outstanding tool for coachees to perform the task in a systematic manner. Strategies provide guidance to clients to achieve their goals and also help them prioritize their tasks.

Use observation session as a coaching tool

In the observation session, you have the opportunity to observe your client’s actions. As a coach, you can take notes based on your observations.

The observation session gives clarity and helps you to guide the clients in the right direction.

Discuss your observations with your clients as this will help to review further steps to achieve targeted goals.

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Utilize the benefits of Google Drive, Docs and Sheets

Something which I love to use every day. It is like MS-Office but an online version. Along with using it online, you can share the content with many people. There are presentation tools and spreadsheets to prepare your content. People are shifting to this tool now as it is convenient and easy to share.

I use Google Docs for managing the paperwork. Also, it is useful for tracking all kinds of coaching activities. I use google docs to keep detailed notes. Also, I can edit the docs on any internet friendly device.

Google drive has folder options through which I can control who can view, edit or comment on my documents.

Coaches spend a lot of time in generating records of the task performed. To make things simple, one can use Google sheets to record activities.

Assess client’s leadership quality through Leader Effectiveness and Adaptability Description (LEAD)

This assessment helps the client to figure out their leadership style. It is developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard. It generates scores in four leadership areas: Supporting, Coaching, Delegating, and Directing.

The area in which the client gets the highest score is considered to be the dominant style. The area with the second-highest score is a fallback style which they can use when the dominant style is not effective.

LEAD is an outstanding tool to assess the leadership style of your clients.

Host Webinars through EverWebinar

I wanted to improve the experience of my clients. I decided to move towards high-end coaching packages. The best way was to sell my coaching products through webinars and presentations.

Initially, I faced many issues in conducting Webinars. People waited for long to join the webinar but nothing worked. Hence, I selected reliable software before planning a Webinar session. Perfect skills lie in delivering an impactful presentation.

I selected EverWebinar. It comes with amazing features and an affordable price. There is a wonderful support system.

EverWebinar is an automated tool. It will make you feel that your Webinars are live. You can set your presentation to play at a specific time. It increases engagement. Also, helps your participants make a genuine connection with your brand.

Its yearly membership is $497. The benefit of membership is that you can integrate EverWebinar with other platforms. It can be integrated with mailing sites like MailChimp and GetResponse. This way you can ensure your email subscribers are aware of upcoming events or webinars.

Search keywords on Keywords Everywhere

You do not have to research for keyword anymore on Google keyword planner. There is a much-advanced keyword search tool known as Keywords everywhere. You can use it through google research or using batch mode. For example, if I have typed how to use coaching tools. The data is visible on my browser on an instant basis.

Why you need it? It increases your SEO related engagements and web traffic. This can help improve the website and its content.

Apply a Fear Assessment as a coaching tool

You can use this tool to make your clients aware of their subconscious drives. How your client should behave and how they can choose the right options? This assessment tool can help in changing the behavior of your client.

I have used this coaching tool for clients who stopped moving ahead in life due to fear. This tool is used to assess the fear of clients which act as obstructions in their path.

The above coaching tools will act as a guide for you and your clients. Try a few and see the difference in your coaching sessions.

Is certification required to use coaching tools?

Are you thinking about upscaling your coaching business? If yes, you may wonder if certification is necessary. Certification is not mandatory but it can help you in many ways.

Without it, you may lose potential clients- Clients trust your brand. Selling the products becomes easier if you have certification. It will help in earning more acceptability for your coaching products.

Certification can help clients to save them from fake coaches. Do you feel clients at times get misleading products? If yes, this is where certification is essential.

Clients look for certification. People feel that certified professionals sell authentic coaching products rather than uncertified ones.

You should go for certification if starting new. The certification will provide training to set up your coaching business.

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How much can you earn by using coaching tools?

Coaching tools are very effective in achieving the goals of the clients. These tools can build a strong bond with your clients.

As business owners, coaches plan their rates and those rates vary. Why? This is because the tools which they use vary. Earnings of coaches may vary from $25 per hour to $300+ per hour depending on the coaching tools used by them.

Earnings could be higher depending on the coach’s background, expertise and location. You can have different rates for coaching packages. The rates will depend on the coaching tools used in the packages.

Find the right coaching tool to run your coaching business in the best possible way. These tools can lead to amazing business growth.

Do you like any of the coaching tools?

I would love to know your viewpoints. Do you have any recommendations? Do share it.

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