Coach Life #3: Client Seduction

Coach Life #3: Client Seduction coaching clients


Coach Life: You Know What Seduces Your Clients?

You ever have one of those days when you feel like just sitting and doing nothing?


Today is one of those days.

Today I just feel like chilling and being lazy while drinking mojitos by a pool.

Don’t ask me why…I just feel like spoiling myself a bit today

And today I decided to go checkout this hotel and drink some of their mojitos by their pool.

Nothing like chilling by the poolside..

And can you see that rooftop pool in the distance?

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

So as I sit by the pool I feel like typing this article for you

Email Marketing is an extremely vital key to a fulfilled coach life.

How vital a key is it? Well.. let’s analyse.

Let’s look at the bigger picture here…

You are the leader of your tribe..there is no other way of putting it..

Think of a pride of lions.

If a lion is a too old or weak to take care of his pride then he is discarded by the pride..or a younger, stronger lion defeats him and takes his place..

And his children are killed too just to make sure that his line doesn’t live on..

It is a cruel cruel world but it does teach us one thing..

If the leader isn’t capable of protecting his tribe then he is useless..

They don’t teach you that in any coaching academy now do they?

As a coach you are going to be the one responsible for your clients.

It is your job to know the emotional pains of your clients and it is YOUR job to be the one solving and easing those pains.

It’s your responsibility..

Does that scare you?

It should..

The coach life ain’t easy.

But you are going to do it.. and I am going to ease your path as much as I possibly can.

I am a huge fan of the  extremely powerful email strategy called the Auto Responder Madness (ARM) by Andre Chaperon

Let’s hear from the man himself what Auto Responder Madness (ARM) is all about.

ARM is about delivering REAL VALUE to your chosen audience through the use of a series of highly targeted, story-based emails. Your aim is to resolve the deep emotional pain your audience is feeling, by offering a solution to their problem.

Let me give you a general overview how the ARM works.

First you go through surveys and see exactly what your targeted audience wants.. what pains them?

Next you create an empathy map.

What is an empathy map?

Its the biggest thing that I want you to take away from today’s edition of the Coach Life.

It’s a visual representation of what your clients want.. this makes writing emails easy.

Here’s an example..take note that empathy map varies from person to person..this is just a general example..

After that you formulate a storyline which will give your clients genuine value by resolving the problems that you have identified thanks to the empathy map.

You can’t be a great personal coach if you don’t offer your clients genuine value.

The storyline is supposed to hook your clients.

When you do that.. when you have your client’s complete attention..that’s when they will properly take your advice in… that’s when they will understand what the coach life is about.

I mean.. everyone is busy nowadays… you have to make your emails convincing enough in order for them to spend their scant time to read through it.

That is the very essence of ARM.

So..sounds interesting right? If you want to know more about this amazing system then click here.

So that should be enough for today

I don’t want to overload your head with information which is why I split this mail in two.

Re-read this article and UNDERSTAND how an empathy map works…create your own empathy map… its 70% of the battle…trust me.

It will be really worth it to include this weapon in your arsenal.

Anyway… enough mojitos for me…gonna head back to my place now..

Btw…I can’t be the only one who thinks that that thing in the reception looks weird right?



I am going to just go ahead and eat food and be lazy for the rest of the day now… These kinda days are rare.. and it’s ok to live it up every now and then :D.

I hope you gained something from this article!

See you on the next entry to the Coach Life series.

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