Coach Life #1: The Environment

Coach Life #1: The Environment coach environment
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Coach Life: Your environment rules your productive output.

It is not lost on me that I have been extremely fortunate in my life.

Given the set of circumstances I had to go through I could have easily ended up as an unemployed bum living on welfare.

I mean seriously…the only “real” job that I ever had was as a waiter and it ended up with me spilling orange juice on the manager.

A guy like me has no business travelling to places like this…leading such a rewarding coach life.

That’s the pink beach in Komodo Islands.

Trust me…this isn’t bragging…I genuinely am thankful to all those who have made this happen.

I have been lucky enough to have always surrounded myself with inspiring people, people who are working towards greatness. I have been lucky enough to surround myself with an awesome atmosphere.

I realize that not a lot of people get to be so inspired constantly with the environment that surrounds them.

Let me share this story of you of this employee I once had.

This guy had talent…he had a knack for designing… but somehow, his work was either sloppy or not in time and this happened every single time!!

The truly frustrating part was that I knew this guy had greatness in him and I forced myself to be patient with him.

But one day I thought enough was enough and called him on Skype.

When I was talking to him, asking about why he was performing so subpar…I could hear some constant noise in the background.

Upon inquiring further I discovered that he lived in a joint family.

Indonesian people often stay with their extended family…meaning the mum, dad, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother…ALL live together.

Can you imagine working in a place like that :O.

I sure as hell can’t…and his family was the type that likes to argue over every single thing.

URGH…how can you work in a place like that??

Looks like he needed his own personal coach!

Now compare that with this:

Coach Life #1: The Environment coach environment

I mean… you can pretty much get a sense of calm and tranquility coming over you as you see this pic, right?

That pic was taken in Hubud…it’s a co-working space in Ubud, Bali.
Here is the thing about co-working spaces…they are EVERYWHERE.

And if not co-working space then why not nearby resorts with free Wi-Fi?

Coach Life #1: The Environment coach environment

You don’t really have an excuse. Inspiration and motivation don’t really come floating towards you; you need to grab it with both hands.

You have the freedom to choose your own work hours, to choose your workplace. So don’t commit halfway.

Do everything that you possibly can to make most of the amazing freedom that you have been given!

They don’t teach you that in any coaching academy now do they?

Another thing that I have realised through my travels is that beauty ignites inspiration.

Which takes me back to the pic I shared in the beginning…the pink beach.

When I was there, I had this epiphany:

So don’t wait for inspiration. Make inspiration something that naturally happens to you.

That’s what these coach life series of articles will show you.

When you surround yourself with greatness…greatness happens…

Coach Life #1: The Environment coach environment

So make your travel plans soon!!

See you on the next entry to the Coach Life series.

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