Coach Life #2: Delegation

Coach Life #2: Delegation coach delegation


Coach Life: Are You Delegating Your Business?


That 5 star hotel and mall hybrid thingy is actually the Singapore Airport!!

How cool is that? And how can I possibly explain to you the grand majesty of that place?

Think of a concrete jungle… a place that is oozing with life, technology and grandiosity.

The coach life can be pretty rewarding alright!

Think of a place that is so buzzing in life and that is so busy…yet somehow still manages to take my breath away with its immense colossal magnanimity.

That’s the best way I can describe this place, you seriously have to see it to believe it.

Hey ..I am no poet…but at least I tried!

And as I sit here in this café, and type this article for you, I find the coincidence sorta funny.

I mean the subject of today’s Coach Life article is THE SINGLEMOST reason why I wasn’t able to travel anywhere at all a few years ago.

I was struggling with it until a conversation with my mum sorted me out.

Let me tell you a short story that I read waaaayyyy back when I was a kid.

There once lived a squirrel.. and winter was just around the corner.

All of her friends were scared that the winter will kill them and they didn’t know what to do.

So, the squirrel went out for a walk and she came across a tree full of nuts.

She was excited and started plucking the nuts out one by one and storing it in a hole in the ground.

On and on she dug but she was doing all the work by herself. She knew that there were many mouths to feed. On and on she continued collecting the nuts.

She forgot all about her family and her friends. Not willingly, of course.  She was doing this to feed them after all.

But as she kept of working stubbornly all by herself, she lost track of everything.

“I can’t tell anyone else to do this” she said, “They will not pluck the nuts properly and spoil everything.”

And on and on she went…when finally she collected enough nuts.

And she walked back triumphantly.. but she realized that months have passed by now..

She went back to her friends but no one remembered her anymore.  Everybody forgot who she was and thinking that she was an intruder, drove her out.

And as she went back to the hole and sat near the nuts, the winter winds came.  And as she had nowhere else to go, she couldn’t save herself.

And she died.


Ok so this is wayyyyy too bleak for a children’s story.  But then again so are all fairy tales if you REALLY look into it (Hello!! Hansel and Gretel? The witch ate children..cannibalism!!)

And yes when you really think about it the squirrel’s friends were kinda prickish.

But what this story really tells you is that when you try to do menial repetitive tasks all by yourself and forget the main BIG PICTURE, the real END GOAL as to why you were doing those tasks, you WILL suffer, just like the little squirrel.

Without prioritisation the coach life is unattainable.

Please don’t die alone in the winter? 🙁 (Literally and metaphorically).

That was what I faced when I was initially running SaiFai Dating.

I was trying to do EVERYTHING by myself…every single thing!!

I mean do I put this?  I was scared of telling anyone to do anything in the company because I was so overprotective of it.

Saifai Dating was my baby and in my head, I was never going to give it to someone else.

Huge huge mistake… the coach life can be really unforgiving.

Even if it was a mundane no- important task which could easily be outsourced.

Remember this,

Failing to delegate or micromanage is the sure shot way of killing productivity.

They don’t teach you that in any coaching academy now do they?

So as my mum saw me waste weekends after weekends on things that truly didn’t matter she asked me, What was my end goal?

Why was I doing what I was doing?

And then it hit me that the reason why I started ALL OF this was to

  1. Help as many people as possible.
  2. Travel the world.

Being the best personal coach in the world has always been my main goal.

And here I was in a beautiful Sunday afternoon, sitting on my bed in my boxers, wasting four hours to decide where exactly I wanted to put a sidebar in my site.

I wasn’t helping anyone …not even myself.

So that was when I started looking for professional and proficient technical help online.

And after a lot of research I came across two places which give you quality online assistance for free:

  1. Upwork
  2. Brickwork.

I personally recommend the second one.

Brickwork has a host of highly technically proficient freelancers who will take care of all mundane and productivity killing repetitive tasks.

And the best thing?

It is cheap… seriously go over to that site and look at the prices.  You will laugh at how ridiculously cheap it is!

Who says that coach life is not affordable?

I have myself been rewarded greatly by that site.

I finally have the time that I need to focus completely on my coaching and living my lifestyle!!

Hell, I finally have the time to go to crazy places and make out with wildebeests!!


Oh ya… that was fun!!! And look at the wildebeest. You can see that she went to town with me, tongue and all.

And this is what I looked like after that special moment.


All flustered and stuff.. and I thought that she enjoyed it as well.

But guess I was wrong….she never called me back 🙁

Ah well…you must prepare yourself for heartbreak whilst living the coach life i guess :'(.

ANYWAYS….What more could I possibly ask for?

But fair warning.

In the coach life you don’t take the easy way out.

Delegating work is highly addictive.

DO not … I repeat DO NOT delegate everything!!

I have been guilty of that in the past and lost $10,000 because of it!!

Lesson learned.

Keep this in mind:

Unless it’s technical, do not delegate anything that you don’t know yourself!

That’s another important takeaway from today’s edition of the Coach Life series.

Always remember that.

Never delegate anything that has anything to do with sales or marketing.

There is no other sure fire way of killing your vision than to let other people, who don’t have your point of view, to manage such important facets of your coaching program.

So, once again, major shoutout to Brick Work India.

See you on the next entry to the Coach Life series.

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