Business Coach Advice: 4 timeless gold nuggets from the terminator himself

Business Coach Advice: 4 timeless gold nuggets from the terminator himself Business coach advice

Business Coach lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger


A business coach can’t possibly learn anything from the kindergarden cop right? 


Hello there!



Giddy up!

Let me give you a bit of a background about that pic.

You see reason why I am in Perth right now is to attend a business coach convention and, more importantly, an ex student’s wedding.

It is so rewarding when a student of your dating program gets married. It’s pretty much like watching your son graduate from college!

So the gentleman in the pic is his brother Carlo.

Carlo also happens to be Australia’s strongest man.

So that guy on top?

He kinda doubted whether he really was that strong or not…and well…he just proceeded to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt!

These strongmen and body builders have always fascinated me ever since I was a child.

There is something so manly about just developing your body to such a degree of “perfection” and then putting yourself out there to be judged.

These people are living, breathing Greek sculptures.

Though well, speaking of bodybuilders and strongmen, you must have heard about this guy right?


Who am I kidding?

Of course you have… that’s the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This man conquered the field of Sports (7 time Mr. Olympia), Movies (I mean come on, we all grew up on them), Politics (Became the Governor of California) AND Business (He was a millionaire even before he started making movies, thanks to his real estate expertise).


And ya…he always dreamed of marrying a Kennedy and guess what happened?

He married a Kennedy.

At this point the only thing that this guy has left to do in his life is to wear a red cape and red underwear and fly away into space!

More than anyone, this is the guy who got me intrigued with body builders and strongmen.

And well…this guy to a lesser extent

Business Coach Advice: 4 timeless gold nuggets from the terminator himself Business coach advice


Ok so what does this have to do with being a business coach you ask?

Successful business coaching opportunities are everywhere


I remember this documentary on Arnold named “Pumping Iron”.

In the beginning of the movie he says something which I will paraphrase.

Basically he says that he has other people and himself inspect each and every square inch of his body EVERY SINGLE DAY.

He says that he is the artist and his body is his sculpture…so if something’s off then he takes the metaphorical hammer and chisel and gets to work!

So if his deltoids are out of proportion even by a little bit he will start “chiseling” away to make them look “beautiful”.

That’s the amount of dedication and work that it takes to be the 7 time Mr. Olympia and the future Commando and Terminator!

So what can you learn from my friend Carlo and Mr. Terminator that you can apply to your business coach arsenal this minute?

  1. Nothing is perfect no matter how much work you put into there will always be flaws. SO don’t lose any sleep over making the “perfect product”.
  2. Always have people around you whose opinions you respect to get constructive criticism about your product.
  3. Be open to criticism from your clients and peers both. They both have loads of valuable feedback to give.
  4. If the criticism is something that is voiced by a lot of people then you will need to work upon improving it. You think Arnold would have slaved in the gym to work on his deltoids if only one random person told him to work on them? No. What if they were voiced by more than one people? You bet your bottom dollar he would!

Nothing…and I mean NOTHING grows your program like a well- oiled client feedback system.

After all, you are targeting your program towards them right?

Is you business coaching website properly optimise for your clients?

So wouldn’t they be the ones best suited to tell you which parts of your program needs work and which don’t?

Whatever criticisms your clients have regarding your program, your emails, your webinars whatever.

Always have Virtual Assistants (From Brickwork etc) to compile those complaints for you. Find the ones that are most recurring and then present them to you.

Once you have those complaints at hand analyze them and, more importantly, work on them.

I can tell you from personal experience how beneficial those criticisms have been.

Once I developed a thick enough skin to NOT let them hurt me emotionally, I was able to work on them and use them as a weapon!

I am not kidding, you can take your business coach game to the next level as long as you process those criticisms properly.

In fact I can safely say that these criticisms gave me superpowers!


Pretty much this…yes!!

So how do you collect these criticisms and deal with client complaints?

Are you planning on doing that manually?

Well… don’t.

Simply because:

It is too much unnecessary work for a business coach which can be EASILY automated!

Ahhh… are you interested in knowing how?

Well.. there is this absolutely gem of a software called “Zendesk”.

If you want to know how exactly it works then check out that video link below.

Just to give you gist…it has revolutionised the customer feedback system.

It is easy to use and extremely useful in the way it just collects various complaints and feedbacks.

I believe this is an absolute must for every business coach, if you want to REALLY make it.

This has made my programs TEN TIMES more efficient.

Jill and I need to get prepared for the wedding!!

Until then

This short, hilarious ad will tell you all that you need to know about Zendesk.


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