Business Coach Weapons: Positioning.

Business Coach Weapons: Positioning. Business coach positioning

Business Coach 101: The Concept Of Positioning

You can make it as a business coach if you have positioned yourself well.


I have something important to share with you all today.



Earlier today I was chilling in Sentosa.

Sentosa is THE most luxurious and the wealthiest area in Singapore.

I mean each and every acre of this piece of land just oozes of class and wealth.

And the yachts that you see in the background?

They are at least a million dollars each.

Think of a place which just exudes an aura of unattainability and luxury.

That is what Sentosa is.

So what kind of folks do you think Sentosa attracts?

People who can afford a million dollar yacht,  people who don’t care about Rolex watches since they are already wearing a Patek-Philippe.


People who are wealthy…not rich, not well to do…Wealthy.

As Chris Rock says in his Stand Up special “Never Scared”:

Shaq is rich…the guy who signs his paycheck is wealthy”.

[ Shaq= Shaquille O’Neil a retired Basketball legend]

Does your business coach salary make you rich or wealthy?


Because of all these factors… how do you think Sentosa is positioned in our heads?

A place that is luxurious and attracts the wealthiest folks in Singapore.

That’s the power of positioning.

What is positioning?

What does a business coach do with it?


In fact, you can check out this small animated video to get a better idea of how it works:

Once you have created an impression inside the head of your targeted audience…you will remain there.

You will be the ultimate business coach for them.

You don’t have to be the richest or the one with most experience as long as you can position yourself properly.

What if I show you another example which shows you the power of positioning?

Let me introduce a product to you.. it’s called Poo Pourri.

It’s a deodorant spray that you use to make your poop less stinky.

I will repeat that.

A deodorant spray that you use to make your poop less stinky.

In case you don’t believe me…well check out the video yourself:

Now a deodorant spray to make your after stink smell less has no business being successful.

But by successfully positioning themselves in a unique category they have made millions upon millions of dollars!

And as the advertisement makes it known.. .it has a higher rating in Amazon than the iPhone 5!


I have always wanted to use this pic :’).

There is a lesson to be learnt from both Sentosa and Poo Pourri.


If you can position yourself as THE goto small business coach.


Then you can reap the ultimate rewards.

If you position yourself properly then even if you are in a category like “Poop smell”, you can make millions of dollars.

Anyway that’s enough of poop talk for the day!


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