Business coach must haves: Automation.

Business coach must haves: Automation. Business coach automation

Business coach lessons: How to automate your business


Being a business coach doesn’t mean you have cheat yourself of happiness.


Today I bid goodbye to the beautiful Krakatoa island!!



The volcano which has the loudest recorded eruption in human history.

It is now a shadow of what it once was…but it still commands respect.

It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen in Indonesia….which is saying something!!

Anyway, as I say goodbye to this beautiful place and go back to Jakarta, I feel compelled to write to you.

I want to talk to you about Automation…. a must for a business coach.

And well all these places that I go to, all these wonderful pics that I share with you, all these wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for automation.

The number one secret of being a top online business coach


Simply speaking…automating my business and making it run on auto pilot has helped me live my dreams.

There is no other way of putting it.


You see once you start automating you are going to have lots and LOTS of free time.

Since you won’t be going through webpages checking out font consistency, you will actually have some time in your hand to do something productive!!

So how would you spend that time?

Will you invest more time in building client relationships?

Of course you will…that’s your job as a business coach.

But apart from that, what will you do?

Sitting in sweatpants all day watching Friends reruns?


Let’s face it…Joey and Chandler were amazing.

(That part always makes me go “D’awwww”)

But that still doesn’t mean you are going to be watching them for the whole day!! I thought you were planning to be a top business coach!

I highly, highly recommend that you use this free time to travel.

I LOVE to travel.

It is a passion and it has taught me more than any book ever will.

Nothing has helped me grow as a business coach as much my travels me.

When you travel you interact with all kinds of people and all kinds of culture and they help you grow as a human being.

You see things and notice things which inspire you and motivate you.

You gain life experience and you get so many stories to tell.

Stories that you can use in your life and business coach talks to entertain your audience!

My travels have helped me do a lot of things.  It has helped me look at nature in its wildest beauty.


It has helped me check concrete jungles and marvels of modern architecture:


Nope… that’s not CGI, that’s a hotel in Singapore!!

The stuff that people come up with nowadays!!! INCREDIBLE!!

And yes… I have met the woman of my dreams because I left home and decided to travel…that alone has made it all worth it!!


My travels have played a HUGE part in shaping me to become who I am right now!

It ain’t just about the business coach certification you know?


One thing that I have realised… you cannot travel unless your business is properly automated.

Sure our line of work, i.e. being a business coach, is such that you can work from anywhere you want…but that’s beside the point.

You should be able to travel without worrying about every little nitty gritty things.

If you can’t do that…then hell… why even bother?

This why it is absolutely essential to have a system in place.

Once you are through with it.. you will be a AUTOMATER SUPREME (Dr. Strange reference booyakasha!).

You will have mastered the art of being a business coach.

You will be able to work and live anywhere you want!!

You will finally be able to live the mobile and dynamic lifestyle that all of us secretly want to live but most of us can’t.

Now join me as I say goodbye to Krakatoa again..


Goodbye you beautiful, beautiful place!


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