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How to use Aweber

Aweber is super simple tool that you can use to send out your emails.

Let’s do a quick tutorial wherein we will be covering two things:

  • How to create your list in aweber.
  • How to create a sign up form.

How to create a list 

Firstly, you will have to Sign up for an Aweber Account

IMPORTANT: We will be needing Aweber’s paid services while we set up your email sequences i.e after your webinar is set up. Since that can take more than a month, we suggest you to sign up for a free trial at first and then a month later, switch to the paid plan which costs 19$ / month so that we can start using Aweber’s advanced features.

Once you have logged in, this is what you will see:

That’s the aweber dashboard.

The numbers shown maybe different in yours when compared to mine.

Anyway…scroll down and you will see this:

See that button?

“Create A New List”?

Let’s click on it.

Voila…what do we have here.

It is time to set up your list.

So put in your company name and website url. (If you do not have a website link, then just put

Here you can select your address.

If the given address is not accurate then you can add another one.

After that put in your Name and Email iD. This is what your readers will see at the end of your email.

Now click on the “Next Step” button.

So now we give our list a name.

Say I want to call it “Webinar”, this will be the list that I will mail to regarding news about my webinar.

After that I will be giving a short description as to why the subscribers will be getting my email in the first place.

When that is done click on “Next Step”.

Now this is a confirmation message for your reader.

Here you can choose a subject and a default message that your list will get. Nothing fancy, just choose one of the options given in the subject line and run with it.

Scroll down.

And we are done!

Just click on “Approve Message & Create List”.

With that you will have your list.

Let’s check it out:

See that?

Congratulations! Your very first list!

How to create a sign up form

Now that we have a list, it is time to move on to a sign up form.

Sign up forms are how your list is actually going to sign up to your webinar.

So let’s see how to go about it:

Click on “Sign Up Forms”.

And this is what you will see next:

Click on “Create Your First Sign Up Form”.

After that you will see this.

This is basically the template that your forms will follow.

The form will ask your list for their name and email. Its purposefully kept as simple as possible.

You can choose the template you like from the given options.

Now click on the “Go To Step 2” button.

And there you go… your web form is ready.

That is all you need to do to set up your aweber.