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How to Check Your Stats

Throughout your Accelerator journey, you will be using various tools and services. Monitoring them will help you understand how you are doing as a business.

Stealth Seminar

You get traffic through your webinar via Stealth Seminar. To check how your webinar is doing, all you need to do it Log in to Stealth Seminar.

You can log in to Stealth by going to this link or clicking here

Once you have logged in, you will need to Hover on My Events and then Click on Event List as shown in the screenshot below

Click on your event and click on View Stats as shown in the screenshot below

You can select the date for which you want to see the stat or check out stats for all time.

You can scroll down and see the stats that you want.


Aweber hosts your email sequences including Your Nurturing Sequence emails and your replay emails, call Sequence and Value Sequence emails.

You can log in to aweber by click the link

Once you have logged in you need to select the list that you want by clicking on the top dropdown as shown in the screenshot

Note: To know how your Nurturing Sequence emails are doing, you need to select the list Sales Call w/ Nurturing Sequence and to know how your Replay, Call and Value email sequences are doing you need to select the list SF-Webinar-CS-VS. (There may be slight variations to the names)

Once your List is selected, hover on Messages and then click on Campaigns as shown in the screenshot below

On the following page, you will be able to see the open rates and click rates of the emails.


Your website stats can be monitored by logging into your WordPress backend.

Note: You will need Admin access to your Backend for this

Once you have logged in to your backend, all you need to do is scroll down until you see a window as shown in the screenshot.

Clicking on View All should show you all the stats you are looking for.

Note: We monitor website stats using Google Analytics; however it is difficult to make sense of and requires some intrinsic knowledge of Website data. In case you need access to Google Analytics, please submit a request with the team on Slack.