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How to blog on WordPress

Here in this guide we are going to elaborate each and every step that you will need to take in order to teach you all that there is to know when it comes to uploading content.

Uploading an article on WordPress is super simple.

First and foremost, let’s acquaint you with the dashboard!


That’s the admin page of your wordpress and that’s where all the magic happens.

On the toolbar to the left you will see all the little tools and plugins that you will need in order to run a website efficiently.

Now don’t be scared, we are not going to get into any plugins for now.

All that you are going to learn is to how to upload an article, that’s it.

Hover your cursor on top of “Posts” and select “All Posts”

When you go on All Posts you will see a new window which will be a sort of a database for all the blog posts that you have written thus far.

Obviously if you are starting up then this is going to be empty but let me give you a glimpse of what it looks like for me when I click on “All Posts”.


As you can see… we have 135 posts of which we have published 53.

This gives you all the information that you need to know about how many articles you have stored up and how many of them is out there for the audience to come and read.


add new post


So how do you add a new post?

add new post

See that little thing beside “Posts”?

You see that “Add New”?

Well… click on it!

new post


See that purple button which says “Use The Divi Builder”… well you can ignore it for now.

We are going to show you how to upload a simple and basic wordpress article.

So let’s get started with filling up the content.


The first thing I do is to fill up the title bar.

Now you don’t necessarily need to do that, but I feel that whenever I fill it up it gives me an urgency to finish the article as quickly as possible and to publish it for the world to see.

So where do you fill up the title?

In the upper field where I have typed “PUT YOUR AWESOME TITLE HERE”.

Subtlety has never been my strongest suit.

Let’s start filling up the body.

See this here?

visual and text

What do you see inside that red box?

Visual and Text.

Text is what the backend of you site will look like.

Unless you are comfortable with HTML and CSS then I would suggest that you avoid that for now.

Visual is where you should stay.

So just click on the visual and start working.

You can either type your content here or you can simply copy past from your word document:

blog post

Hmmm let’s add some pictures to the article and see what it looks like..

First let me add some more content by copy pasting from some of my other stuff.

body of the post

Awesome, now say….I want to add an image of a graph right here.

So you click on the “Add Media” button…do you see it?

add an image

Let’s click on it.

adding media

By default when you click on “Add Media” you will be shown the media library…aka a collection of all the images that you have used in the recent past.

And yes, that’s indeed a cat, Mr. Miyagi and The Dude that you see in the library. Our posts are pretty interesting to say the least!

Anyway.. how do you upload a new image?

Just click on Upload Files.

uploading an image

And after that click on “Select Files” and choose your image file:

adding media 2

Well… let’s see how it looks in the article.

how the post looks

Hmm not bad… you also change the alignment of the image in the same way that you would do in a word document.

You can always look at how your article will look to your audience by simply clicking on preview:


See that button in the top right corner?

Let’s see what happens when we click on that:


By previewing your article every now and then you will get a better idea of how your article looks to everyone.

I highly recommend that you keep previewing.

Hmmm I want to hyperlink something to this article.

It is really simple…just highlight the piece of text that you want to hyperlink and click on the hyperlink button:


So what happens when you click on that link?


See that space?

Simply paste the link that you want to link out to in that place. And there you go…you have a hyperlink.

Oh wait… I haven’t told you how to save your draft yet right?

You don’t want to work so much and forget to save.

saving draft

Now wordpress keeps on saving your draft automatically but err on the side of caution and keep saving manually.


See that big publish button?

Just click on it!