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How To Turn Your Coaching Into An Inspirational Business

(which does $4,000 – $5,000 a month)

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Coach Globally

We’ll build up your coaching business so you can coach from anywhere in the world, with just a
computer and an internet connection.

Full Automation

We’ll be working with you on building your coaching practice, so that you have clients contacting
you wanting your coaching.

Massive Impact

We’ll be building your coaching business so that you touch thousands of people with your message
of transformation

High Tech Coaching

We’ll be building your coaching practice, so that you attract the right type of clients who’ll pay you the fees you want. Without having to ‘network’, they’ll come to you.

About Us

You do the coaching. We give you the technology. Your Business grows exponentially.

Coaches that move into this space knowing they have real value to give, they want to live life on their terms. They walk into the life of entrepreneurship, but they don’t know when they’re going to get a solid flow of clients, or a solid flow of recommendations. You are a one man army, you literally have to do everything yourself, to make it work. The result is that coaches and entrepreneurs are earning half what they would earn in a job, working twice the amount of hours. But this time, they’re dictated by the constant demands of their customers, not the boss they hated in the first places.

In some cases if one client cancels their coaching, that can be an entire months income GONE in a heartbeat. When they came into this space they wanted to live life on their terms, but now they’re often more enslaved than before. What you do to change that, is by looking at the difference between ‘Solo Coaches’ and really Successful coaches. The really successful coaches put systems in place, which help them dictate the flow of their business. That means that marketing happens automatically, general business operations happen automatically. All you have to do is manage the process & Systems and deliver your coaching. That allows you to full scale, because you’re no longer the horse thats “Doing The Work”, you’re the rider. And now, you dictate the direction of your life, on your terms.

The way this changed in my life, was by putting systems in place, to allow my business to run without me there. I spent 26 months building the foundations to my systems. And this is what I’m going to give you, we will customise and develop those systems with you, and in many cases do it for you.


Would you like to just coach, and have clients contacting you, ready to sign up? That is the power of what we do. Building coaching businesses so that you have the opportunity to do what you love, while the ‘technology’ or the ‘business’ side has been taken over by us.


Imagine… where ever you go, you’re invited to speak on stage, you’re invited to the best podcasts and interviews. people call you the inspiration. Imagine being a globally recognised coach, having a team building the ‘back end’ so you can be our there changing lives. Thats what we’ll do.


Your business must fund your life, and not the other way around. The way that we do that , is by building coaching businesses which are designed to bring in high paying clients, who are ready to sign up for your coaching sessions.

Our Clients

Christopher Howard

Rock House Global (Multimillion dollar coach) “Thanks to Sai’s programmes we’ve created a Facebook page that is bringing hundreds of new clients to our programmes.”

Uzma Asghar

“Using Sai’s programme I finally decided that the coaching niche I wanted to work in was women in business. A couple of hours after using Sai’s Funnel System, I got my first premium long-term client sign up!”

Jan Cross

Extraordinary Mind Project (Turning ordinary people into extraordinary artists) “Within two weeks of starting my training with Sai, we brought in 12 new clients — each paying $550!”

Josh Zuker

TravelManagers Melbourne “Thanks to Sai and the Ultimate Facebook Funnel, my fan page has grown from 68 likes to well over 1100 in a few short weeks. His product is there there to kick start goals and push them a long way ahead!”

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The Elite Coaches Mastermind

Our Flagship Program

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How To Turn Your Coaching Into An Inspirational Business

(which does $4,000 – $5,000 a month)


The best free content available. Because our clients don’t just come to us for training. They come to us for implementation, We can afford to give them content which would normally cost thousands. Because at the end of the day, we can implement that content for you, whereas other coaches only teach, so they have to charge you for great content. We implement, which means we can give away our best content free.

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